The "Solnechnyy" building

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About the case

In the City of the Sun, a hurricane stole good qualities from the citizens. Since then, the City of the Sun has become dull and dull. There is no more laughter and former joy. The hearts of the townspeople began to harden and freeze. If all the good qualities are not returned in 15 days, then the City of the Sun will perish. Only equality, friendship, kindness, faith, etc. can save the City of the Sun. 

During the shift, the houses (squads) perform tasks and receive Rays for this, which are posted in the city and family corners. On the holiday of the closing of the shift, the Hurricane recognizes the triumph of good qualities, throws off the dark clothes that the managers of the best houses burn in the farewell bonfire of friendship.

When drawing up the program, the traditions and capabilities of the complex, the level of training of the teaching staff, the wishes and interests of children and parents, the experience of previous years in organizing summer recreation were taken into account. Thus, the child will be able to express himself in various activities and become an active participant in social life in the sanatorium.

1 shift - "Horizon of the future",  2 shift - "Watch", 3 shift - "Master of the Game", 4 shift - "Faculty of Journalism"  

Major reconstruction was carried out in 2014-2015. The building has modern interiors: stretch ceilings, plastic windows with mosquito nets, branded decoration.

Housing infrastructure

  • Wi-Fi

  • Shower

  • Balcony

  • Dining room with three dining halls

  • Storage room

  • Medical unit

  • Cozy rooms for 3–5 people

  • Bathroom

  • Furniture


50 hectares of a unique dendrological park

The children's health and recreation complex "Pearl of Russia" is located on 50 hectares of the unique dendrological park in Anapa.

18 treatment methods

The sanatorium offers a wide range of medical and wellness services, the list of which has significantly expanded this year.

8 health improvement programs

At the beginning of the shift, doctors conduct a thorough examination of children and develop individual health improvement programs.

14 medical specialties

«Zhemyzhzhuna Rossii» employs over 50 doctors of 14 specialties, including pediatricians, traumatologists, orthopedists, allergists, and many others.

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