The "Cosmos" building

During the space shift, the resident of the sanatorium is expected to be trained and tested like real cosmonauts!

About the case

In the sanatorium "Cosmos" the program "Time of the first. Conquering space." Children are immersed in the atmosphere of the Star City, where the qualified and professional staff of the Cosmonaut Training Center will guide our crew through a meteor shower of fascinating puzzles, orbits of bright events and master classes and a universe of competitions and contests.

The storyline of the program involves traveling to different planets, where there is an acquaintance with space in different spheres, as well as with what helps astronauts to perform feats. The main goal is to find the missing crew of "Mizar – 1" and "Mizar –2", whose control of the ship was seized by someone with the call sign "Tautatis". 

The development of a temporary children's team, as well as personal growth, is promoted by a rating system based on the principle of a board game, during which the squads "master" the planets. In order to become the best team of the sanatorium, each participant must make an individual contribution, observing discipline, maintaining cleanliness and taking an active part in the activities of the program.

1 shift - "Master of the game", 2 shift – "Proforum",  3 shift – "Camera. Motor", 4th shift – "Topleader"

Major reconstruction was carried out in 2014-2015. The building has modern interiors: stretch ceilings, plastic windows with mosquito nets, branded decoration.

Housing infrastructure

  • Wi-Fi

  • Shower

  • Balcony

  • Dining room with three dining halls

  • Storage room

  • Medical unit

  • Cozy rooms for 3–5 people

  • Bathroom

  • Furniture


50 hectares of a unique dendrological park

The children's health and recreation complex "Pearl of Russia" is located on 50 hectares of the unique dendrological park in Anapa.

18 treatment methods

The sanatorium offers a wide range of medical and wellness services, the list of which has significantly expanded this year.

8 health improvement programs

At the beginning of the shift, doctors conduct a thorough examination of children and develop individual health improvement programs.

14 medical specialties

«Zhemyzhzhuna Rossii» employs over 50 doctors of 14 specialties, including pediatricians, traumatologists, orthopedists, allergists, and many others.

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