The "Sokol" Building

The country's gold reserve is a "Falcon"! This is us!

About the case

A comprehensive pedagogical program "We are the children of Russia" is being implemented in the Sokol sanatorium.

It is based on the Old Slavic epic about the falcon bird. According to legend, it was the Falcon that became the progenitors of all life on our planet, because fertile lands appeared where it flew, a tear shed by the falcon gave rise to lakes. 

Guys who come on vacation from all over the country get into the free state of Sokol and become residents of cities. Every day they are searching for pearls, which make up the main amulet of the state – the Pearl Circle, which the evil neighbors stole, and the precious beads were hidden on the territory of the camp. Interesting games, unforgettable evening events, film screenings on the seashore, exciting adventures will not leave anyone indifferent.

Each shift has its own thematic focus: 1 shift - "Light up, stars!", 2 shift - "Opportunities without borders", 3 shift - "Pearl Circle" - 4 shift - "Sport and Me".

Major reconstruction was carried out in 2013-2014. The building has modern interiors: stretch ceilings, plastic windows with mosquito nets, branded decoration.

Housing infrastructure

  • Wi-Fi

  • Shower

  • Balcony

  • Dining room with three dining halls

  • Storage room

  • Medical unit

  • Cozy rooms for 3–5 people

  • Bathroom

  • Furniture


50 hectares of a unique dendrological park

The children's health and recreation complex "Pearl of Russia" is located on 50 hectares of the unique dendrological park in Anapa.

18 treatment methods

The sanatorium offers a wide range of medical and wellness services, the list of which has significantly expanded this year.

8 health improvement programs

At the beginning of the shift, doctors conduct a thorough examination of children and develop individual health improvement programs.

14 medical specialties

«Zhemyzhzhuna Rossii» employs over 50 doctors of 14 specialties, including pediatricians, traumatologists, orthopedists, allergists, and many others.

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