To parents

This section contains essential information on how to prepare your child for the trip, a list of required documents, frequently asked questions, details about staying in touch with your child, and a list of restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reception phone is not working, where else can I reach out to?

If the reception of the building doesn't answer, please call the "hotline" at 8 (800) 200-36-11.

In which building is my child located?

This question can be answered by the Information Department via the "hotline" on the next day after the children's arrival. Overnight, complete lists of children with their groups and rooms are prepared. However, upon arrival, parents should pay attention to the direction. It indicates the building where the child is going. In the worst case, you can ask the camp counselors who receive the children from the parents.

Where can I get a receipt for the mobile phone issue?

Personally, in printed and handwritten form at the reception and accommodation department of the health resort. Download the form from the website, fill it out, and send it to the email:

My child is being bullied! How can I transfer them to another room?

Tell the child or report it yourself via phone through the building administrator to the Deputy Director for Educational Work. As soon as possible, if there are available spaces, the child will be transferred. If the issue is not resolved, call the "hotline" at 8 (800) 200-36-11.

My child's phone/money has been stolen! Where should I turn to?

The investigation of all incidents in the building is supervised by the Deputy Director for Educational Work of the building. He invites the PDN staff, and they conduct a qualified investigation.

How to prepare a child

General advice

Contact Us.
When handing over your children to the camp staff, please confirm the phone numbers for the camp administration, medical center, and accompanying personnel.

Contacting Your Child.
According to the camp rules, valuable items (mobile phones, tablets, cameras, music players) should be deposited in the camp's storage room and returned daily from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. In case of refusal to deposit valuable items in the storage room, a written receipt is required.

Important Information to Share.
Be sure to inform the camp staff about your child's psychological, physiological characteristics, and any medical contraindications.

If You Miss Your Child.
Check the schedule for parental visitation days at the camp. We recommend following this schedule when visiting the camp.

Psychologist's Advice

Try to Engage Your Child.
Tell them that new friends, exciting experiences, like discos, concerts, sports competitions, and excursions, are awaiting them.

Tell Them About Camp Rules.
Explain to your child that there are rules at the camp: getting up, eating, swimming, going to bed at specific times, listening to counselors, and living in a room with peers. They will need to wash their clothes, make their beds, and keep their things organized on their own.

If the Child Wants to Go Home.
At any time, you (or relatives with a power of attorney from you) can pick up your child. However, don't rush to do this immediately—during the first 3-4 days, they are getting used to the new environment and just getting to know other kids.

What to Pack in Your Child's Bag?

  1. Personal hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap in a soap dish, washcloth, shampoo, shower gel, bath towel, foot towel, face towel, comb, scissors or nail clippers, individual cosmetic products (shaving foam and razor for boys and hygiene products for girls).
  2. Mosquito repellent.
  3. Sunglasses, sunscreen, tanning lotion.
  4. Swimming essentials: beach towel, rubber slippers, swimsuit, swim trunks (two pairs).
  5. Pajamas or nightshirt.
  6. Several changes of underwear and socks.
  7. Sports clothing set: tracksuit, sneakers.
  8. Warm clothing for cold weather: jacket, sweater, woolen socks.
  9. Panama hat or cap.

What not to take?

Strictly prohibited:

  • Drugs.
  • Alcoholic beverages, including low-alcohol drinks.
  • Tobacco products.
  • Knives, slingshots, and similar items.
  • Any fireworks (firecrackers, poppers, etc.).

If we find any prohibited items, your child may be expelled from the camp prematurely, and the cost of the voucher will not be refunded.

Documents and Certificates

  • Copy of the birth certificate for children under 14 years old; for children over 14 years old, a copy of the passport (the page with the photo and the registration page);
  • Copy of the medical insurance policy (both sides);
  • Sanatorium-resort card (form No. 076/u) - a voucher with treatment;
  • Medical certificate (form 079/u) - a voucher without treatment;
  • Vaccination certificates (in case of refusal of preventive vaccinations, provide a copy of the Refusal form, certified at the children's clinic; in case of the absence of Mantoux or Diaskintest results for more than 1 (one) year, tuberculin diagnostics - a conclusion from a phthisiologist about the absence of the disease);
  • Conclusion from a dermatologist stating the absence of contagious skin diseases;
  • Certificate from a pediatrician or epidemiologist stating that the child has not had contact with infectious patients, including those with COVID-19, at their place of residence and school (hereinafter referred to as the epidemiological certificate);
  • For children over 15 years old, a recent chest X-ray result is required;
  • Certificate indicating the results of an analysis for helminth eggs and enterobiasis for children of all ages;
  • A written consent from the client for specific medical interventions included in the list of defined types of interventions (Article 20, Part 9 of the Federal Law of November 21, 2011, No. 323-FZ "On the Basics of Protecting Citizens' Health in the Russian Federation") and for the processing, transfer, and storage of personal data.


Where will my child stay?

Children live in cozy rooms for 3-5 people. Each room has a balcony, shower, and bathroom, new beds, lockers, and bedding. Housekeepers clean the rooms twice a day. There is a laundry room and an ironing room in the building.

Does the child need to bring money with them?

n the camp, children pay for excursions, buy sweets at the buffet, and purchase souvenirs. The money is kept in each child's personal account at the cashier's office. Counselors monitor the spending to ensure there's enough left for memorable souvenirs at the end of the session.

What excursions and entertainments are awaiting the child?

Every year, the camp offers a new entertainment program. By choice, the kids can participate in bus excursions along the Black Sea coast, trips to amusement parks, cinema visits, and water park adventures. Prices range from 350 to 1,000 rubles.

How to contact your child

  • You can always contact your child on their personal mobile phone from 14:00 to 15:45 to peacefully check on how your child is doing, what activities they were involved in today, and what awaits them ahead. After 15:45, it's time for organized activities, and all children put their phones aside.
  • The administration guarantees the safety of your child's valuables if the rules of the sanatorium are followed, which include depositing all valuable items in the storage room. If you wish to leave a mobile phone in your child's possession, please fill out an authorization form. Please note that your signature on the form must be notarized with a seal. You can do this on the day of arrival at the reception and accommodation department or at your workplace.
  • If your child does not have a personal phone, it's not a problem. You can always call the hotlines at 8 (800) 200-36-11 to reach the administrator of the respective building, who will facilitate communication with your child during their free time according to the daily schedule.
  • We want to draw your attention to the fact that our counselors are the main friends and mentors for your children during their stay in the camp! Therefore, our rule is that counselors are always with the children! To avoid distracting counselors from their educational activities, personal phone numbers of counselors are not provided to parents.
  • If you have an urgent question and would like to discuss it with the staff of the respective building, you should call the hotlines at 8 (800) 200-36-11 to reach the administrator of the building where your child is located. The administrator is ready to listen to all your questions and remarks and will delegate the issue to the relevant department heads (medicine, education, catering, household, and general matters). Competent personnel will maintain communication with you and conduct administrative investigations, informing you of the results.
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