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Gorod Mira Family Resort & Spa

Ultra All Inclusive


New and modern hotel

«City of Mira» - the heart of the Miracleon resort. The complex consists of 4 separate areas. The hotel began welcoming its first guests in 2023.

Rich infrastructure

On the territory of «City of Mira», there is a two-story Thalassa Spa, Finnish and Russian saunas, a hammam, a thermal complex, and much more.

Private beach

The resort's private equipped sandy beach is located 600 meters from the hotel. The walk to the beach takes 5 minutes at a leisurely pace through the resort's territory.

The best entertainment in Anapa

Hotel animators organize vibrant shows for children and adults throughout the year. Contests, games, quests, live band performances, discos, and parties - a sea of emotions and impressions.

Daytime stay

Cost of service:
Adult - 7500 rubles.
Child (3 to 12 years old) - 4500 rubles.

To book daytime stay, please call: 8 800 200 24 44.
Visiting hours: from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Gorod Mira located?

The Gorod Mira is located near Paralia. If you face the sea, the hotel is to the right of our Movenpick Resort & SPA Anapa Miracleon 5* hotel. Nearby, there is the entire infrastructure of Vityazevo, including shops, cafes, and walking areas. It's just a 5-minute walk to the sea.

What is the distance from the sea to the Hotel Gorod of Mira?

The resort's own equipped sandy beach is located 600 meters from the hotel. The walk to the beach takes 5 minutes at a leisurely pace through the resort's grounds.

What are the differences between the buildings at Hotel Gorod Mira?

The "Dune" building is open year-round and has a direct indoor passage to the thermal SPA complex. It also features a buffet-style restaurant and an à la carte restaurant. The buildings "Rassvet," "Volna," "Gorizont," and "Gorizont additional" operate only during the summer season (from April 28th to September 30th). Each of them has its own buffet-style restaurant, a courtyard for relaxation, and areas for children and sports activities.

Gorod Mira Family Resort & Spa



Marina F.

Movenpick Resort & SPA

The hotel was very enjoyable, with a wide variety of food options to suit any taste. The service was good, and the staff was responsive. There is both an indoor heated pool and an outdoor pool. The room matched the photos and had new furniture. The cleanliness of the room is maintained on a daily basis, with regular changes and cleaning. The property is compact but has everything necessary for both children and adults. There is an outdoor movie viewing area, and there is a daily disco from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. There is also a kids' room with a caregiver and creative activities.


Movenpick Resort & SPA

The best hotel on this coast, in my opinion. Excellent food, rooms, pool, and spa. The bars are both paid and included in the price. There are basketball/volleyball/mini-football courts. The only downside is the relatively small area for a hotel of this kind and the room price. The beach is generally good, but guests from cheaper hotels (despite the signs indicating whose zone is where) occupy the Movenpick sunbeds, which raises the question: if I came to the sea and can use the services of a more expensive hotel by paying for a cheaper one, why opt for the expensive one

Kira Andreeva

Movenpick Resort & SPA

Wonderful clean new hotel, friendly staff, stylish rooms, excellent cleaning, gorgeous pool , varied meals, comfortable beach. Mini city in the city. I don't even want to go anywhere outside, everything is so thought out and has a relaxed rest. The only thing that the child did not have enough for a full buzz was at least one aquagorka, but we will fix it by visiting the city water park :). I highly recommend this hotel.

Pavel Ignatov

Movenpick Resort & SPA

A great alternative to Turkish resorts! All inclusive, new, cozy and clean hotel. A huge spa area with steam rooms, various pools and a hydro massage. Well, very tasty food. A large selection of drinks. I recommend it with children and second halves. The sea is nearby, you can walk, breathe and enjoy peace! Especially now, out of season)

Ekaterina Golubeva

Movenpick Resort & SPA

The variety of food is good. The service is not bad, but naturally it's hard for the guys during the peak. The staff is attentive. The rooms are clean, they have remained unchanged since the opening. The pool is always clean. Clean territory. In general, the spa is not bad, but we got there when there was a slight malfunction. Drinks of the average category. The territory is not bad, but for such a scale I would like more. Good playgrounds. The beach is clean. The bar is not bad, but the queues on the beach and on the territory of the hotel are large

Galinka B.

Movenpick Resort & SPA

I am currently vacationing with my family in this hotel, the children are delighted! From animation, food, entertainment. The rooms, pools and restaurants are very clean!!! Friendly and helpful staff!!! I wanted to express my gratitude to Veronica and Anastasia for a perfectly conducted family photo shoot !!! It's a pleasure to work with you.

Elena Tarasenko

Movenpick Resort & SPA

Nice Hotel, clean, delicious food, drinks, both local and imported, nice pool, large, soft sun loungers (this is very important))) good spa, the sea is close))) You do not need to carry towels with you to the sea, they are issued on the beach, towels are also issued near the pool!

Maria A.

Movenpick Resort & SPA

Thank you to the entire hotel team for a wonderful stay! Good location, clean and comfortable rooms. Polite attentive staff. I would also like to thank the Guest relations manager, Yesenia, for the quick solution of all our questions!

Anatoly Zotov

Movenpick Resort & SPA

The location of the hotel is wonderful, the service is at the highest level, sandy beaches ... a place to relax with children. The location of the hotel is not in the center, it will be inconvenient for someone, but for a family holiday - everything is super!!! One of the hotels in which good sound insulation is made , so you can 't hear night discos !!

Alexander Zakharov

Beton Brut

Hotel Beton brut Vityazeva village near Anapa. I really liked an interesting modern-style hotel, you rested in it in the 21st year in July, you liked a lot and the structure itself and the large territory, many playgrounds for children's sports, many locations, many different levels and the form of bungalows, but the concrete pool is large and clean, the rooms are also constantly cleaned, everything is clean, everything is neat, the level of this hotel can be said that not worse even than abroad, somewhere in Egypt or Turkey, and a hamam and different showers, there are massage and Salt Marshes in a different shop, even if they are small, but nevertheless, we can say the theater is a constant kind of games animators are also active girls and boys, there is a great variety of food, of course there are a lot of vacationers, but they cope with two halls for food, a large counter where all the products are in containers, there is a laundry for self-service in general, a lot has been invented for vacationers, it is located near the sea if necessary, even carries a transfer to the sea for trips towards Anapa or to the very Anapa also rides their own cars for children and bicycles and scooters and strollers for children. Rested and adult parents were and we ourselves rested and all of us enjoyed the day. The summary was very pleasant to everyone, I recommend that if there was an opportunity to go to concrete brut for the second time, we would definitely go.

Ivan Rymar

Beton Brut

Vacationed with my family in August 2022. The impressions are amazing. Service for 5*. The food is varied. There is a separate children's menu. The pools are clean and warm. The spa area is cool. The animation and the children's room are super. in general, the hotel is 100% suitable for a family holiday. the price is high, but worth the money. Of the minuses, paid Parking, for such money could be included in the price!

Natalia Savenkova

Beton Brut

An excellent 4-star hotel, rooms are clean,cleaned every day,the kitchen is good, everything is delicious and for every taste,the only thing is that alcoholic drinks and not only according to the all-inclusive program are poured from 8 to 20 hours, then there are 3 commercial outlets on the territory, two restaurants and a 24-hour bar in the lobby, where for 1 you will pay 530 rubles for a bottle of beer, and the cheapest Abrau Durso champagne costs 1300 rubles!There is a bus to the beach and back!In general, I recommend

Natalia B.

Beton Brut

We rested at the hotel in July 2022. I liked everything! Friendly staff, delicious and varied food, a warm pool with comfortable sun loungers, a wide clean beach. The room is tired, but cleaned well, the bed is snow-white, the mattresses are comfortable. A 9-year-old child was happy to participate in games with animators). In general, the hotel has everything for a comfortable stay, so we plan to return again.

Natalie Stroganova

Beton Brut

We express our sincere gratitude, for a perfectly organized vacation, to the team of real professionals in their field, to the staff of the BETON BRUT hotel!!! We would like to thank the administrator Anna separately, for her attentive approach and willingness to help guests! We were especially pleased with the SPA complex and the snow-white beach, wonderful bottled wine with wonderful desserts! Thanks! And see you again!

Olga Markina

Beton Brut

Great hotel. Both for families with children (a separate children's menu, a playroom, animators, a children's pool area, lots of entertainment, ice cream and juices, a chocolate fountain) and for adults. There are two swimming pools on the territory (indoor in the spa area and outdoor, heated. Spa complex, bicycles, playgrounds, gym. Rooms of different levels. Clean, friendly and attentive staff. Very tasty food. The choice of dishes is large (buffet), snacks both in the hotel restaurant and on the beach. He takes a shuttle to the beach, goes often. The rooms are equipped with everything you need, clean clean. Shower gel, shampoo, soap, etc. are replenished as they are consumed. I definitely recommend the hotel for a holiday.


Beton Brut

A wonderful hotel, we rested in it 4 times. The kitchen is at its height: diverse, very tasty, it is difficult to keep the figure) Nice spa area, especially like the hammam. Of the minuses: a soft mattress, I slept only on a cot and well, there are a lot of children riding a transparent elevator as an attraction. Nevertheless, we will return here again)


Beton Brut

Great hotel. The staff is one of the best on the whole coast! The cuisine is excellent, the dishes are simple, but cooked perfectly, all the products are of the best quality, the only drawback is the lack of carbonated drinks. As for leisure, there is a lot of it here) a cinema, a swimming pool, a spa area, a disco and much more. As a result, for a little money you get a great vacation.

Natalia Nikolskaya

Beton Brut

Varied and delicious food, decent wines and cocktails. Very polite room service - they asked and quickly changed the curtains to thicker ones (in the morning the sun is directly in the eyes). But at the reception they give out incorrect information about towels on the beach (they don't give it) and the cost of additional services-lunch. At first they said 600 rubles, and then 2000 - it was unpleasant. The room was cleaned every day, the bed was changed for the 4th day. The territory of the hotel is very small, there are almost no playgrounds for children. Every second family with children.

Nata A

Дача del Sol

The buffet is varied, the food is delicious. The houses are cozy, you can't hear the neighbors, there is everything you need (refrigerator, kettle, coffee maker, air conditioning) . Stocks of tea and coffee are regularly replenished, a bottle of 0.5 liters of water per person is placed daily. The heated pool, the temperature changes according to the air temperature, the children's part is always warmer than the general pool. There are game rooms and towns on the street, as well as bars with drinks and snacks (free) everywhere. The territory is green and well-groomed, its own beach with sun beds and umbrellas. It takes 5-10 minutes to walk to the beach, but you can get there, a shuttle service is organized from the hotel. The staff is very responsive and pleasant.

Yana Chernichkina

Дача del Sol

A great place to relax with children! We came here on the recommendation of friends and were 300% satisfied! First of all, the territory! Big, clean, well-groomed! Even in this heat, everything is green! It is clear that they are being watched. The food is at the highest level. There is something to compare, we rested in many hotels. Even our fastidious children ate everything with both cheeks)) And to get feedback from them - "very tasty" it should be sooo hard! The pool also pleased me, there are always some activities. In general, we were satisfied! Thanks to all the staff for a wonderful stay, we will definitely come back again!

Natalia Chernova

Дача del Sol

A nice hotel with an unusual concept) The cabins have everything you need, special thanks for the laundry- self-service. The food is not bad, there is something to choose from. There is a snack bar next to the pool, if you don't have time to eat, you can have a snack there. Nice music by the pool, great animation. We had a rest in different hotels, we were forced to participate in events everywhere and there were too many of them, but everything is balanced here. Children's programs are interesting, they were timed with my husband, they go for more than an hour. In general, it's worth your money, we'll come back again)


Дача del Sol

My girlfriend and I decided to go to Anapa. Our favorite hotel is completely renovated. Became just super. Good service, delicious food. We had our own house by the sea. On the one hand, you are at the resort, on the other – there is peace and comfort on the territory of the hotel. The closed area is completely safe for small children. If desired, you can visit the Movenpik spa center (indoor pool, 6 types of steam rooms, gym). There is a good Swedish line, varied, delicious desserts, and even a chocolate fountain. My girlfriend and I had a very good rest. We will definitely come again.

Maxim Zavorokhin

Дача del Sol

The food is on top. A huge selection of various dishes. A snack bar is open between breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are ice cream, beer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and not cheap, but on the contrary branded and popular. The houses are neat and clean. Nearby is the 5* Movenpick Hotel, where you can walk and use the sauna, hammam, sauna and swimming pools for free. On the beach, too, everything is free. Beer, ice cream, drinks. In short, everything is very good. No worse than abroad!

Alexey Khlebnikov

Дача del Sol

A decent hotel. Neat cozy territory. Not a bad beach. The food is varied, everything is delicious and appetizing. I can't say anything about alcohol, we don't drink. Here, for non-drinking guests, the choice is not great. Lemonade, water and perhaps everything. No soft drinks or cocktails. It is very good that you can use the infrastructure of a neighboring five-star hotel. In general, the hotel is very good. Thank you for a good rest.

Maria Marchenko

Дача del Sol

We rested with our family in the month of August , 7 days. We were satisfied with the rest. Service on a solid five. Friendly staff, the rooms are cleaned and towels are changed. The pool is clean, there are always free sun loungers and what else pleased me, the beach is also clean. As for the food, the buffet is very diverse, for a week there was no feeling that the food was boring. We liked it, we will definitely come back next year, thank you!

Vera G

Дача del Sol

We were looking for a place with a child where we could relax comfortably. We were satisfied with the house, it was clean and comfortable. The beach is sandy, not a single speck was missing. The buffet was bursting with delicious, fresh food. Polite staff. Now our vacation will take place only here.


Дача del Sol

Lovely hotel, checked in as soon as we arrived, around 11 am, the girls at the reception were very polite. The houses are cozy and clean, the only thing to find fault with, there are a lot of spiders on the highway in the evening, it's a little uncomfortable. The food is decent, especially pleased with the children's Swedish line. Definitely come back again, a good place for a quiet family holiday.

Alexander Goncharov

Дача del Sol

Thank you for a pleasant stay. Beautiful territory, a fairly good buffet, clean pools, friendly staff. Of the minuses - very small Parking. The car had to be parked under a sign at the fence of a nearby hotel.

Alexander Demyanets


The food is of good quality, varied, fruit, dessert, who cares about alcohol all inclusive. The staff is very polite and helpful everywhere. Room cleaning every day. The rooms are comfortable with air conditioning, refrigerator, mattresses are medium hard, those with back problems are what they need. The territory is landscaped, a Playground, a children's bar with ice cream, popcorn, soda, cotton candy. A large heated swimming pool and two children's pools. A good bar for adults. To the sea 15 minutes on foot or a minibus runs from the hotel every 15 minutes for free. We are vacationing with our family for the third year. Every year in November there is a Black Friday with a very good discount. And children under 12 are free.

Svetlana Reutina


Vacationed with my family from 17.06.2022-01.07.2022 A very cozy, clean hotel with a well-groomed territory. Friendly and helpful staff. Delicious and varied food, when something ended, a new portion was immediately taken out. Cleanliness in the rooms, cleaned according to the schedule of the hotel. The pool is always maintained with warm water of 28 degrees. that's why you can't get the children out of there. Animator girls are great at holding events for both adults and children. Its own beach, clean and well-groomed with umbrellas, sun loungers and a bar. Many thanks to the whole team of Fioleto, who took care of our comfortable stay. I recommend you to visit.

Kiseleva Tatiana


The territory is well-groomed, clean, nice. The rooms are good. We were with a child, just what you need. The sea is clean, the beach is nice, the sand is clean, children play in the sand, shallow at the entrance, ideal for children. The food is varied, Fish, meat, seafood, salads, vegetables, fruits, desserts, there are a lot of everything, the children's menu is also present. The only thing about the preparation of some dishes were not completely satisfied. Animation is so-so, dancing too. The music selection was disappointing. In comparison with abroad, of course, not that, but you can also relax here. In general, I liked it. For a trip with children, our coast is an ideal option.

Eugene K.


The food is gorgeous, a huge selection, buffet, coffee from real coffee machines fruits vegetables, children's menu. Service for 5 points. The room stock is new, the linen is new, towels going to the sea pool and 3 complete sets, the rooms were cleaned cleanly every day. The pool is 28 degrees, there is a paddling pool, 40 meters long.sun loungers with umbrellas. There are all drinks at the pool bar, as well as snacks pizza, shawarma nuts, popcorn, free ice cream, lemonade, kvass for children. The territory is well-groomed, some decorative lighting, ceiling lights are broken. The beach is your own 15 min walk or transfer, the sand is clean, the sea is without algae, you can also have a snack there beer lemonade juices tea coffee. Me and the kids liked it.

Kristina Postovalova


Rested with pleasure! The beach is private, wide, there are a lot of sun beds, there was always enough for everyone. On the beach you can have a snack, juice drinks, gas.water and beer. The food on the Swedish line is wonderful, there is nothing to complain about! Special thanks to the maid on the 5th floor, a friendly girl, always asked what we needed! The hotel management has 5 points, the hotel justifies its 4 stars!

Elena S.


I am absolutely delighted! I have been resting here with my children for 10 days now, all the disadvantages are purely subjective, objectively - a chic hotel, with delicious food and a luxurious beach. In the old years, I rested a lot of places abroad, in 4 and 5 stars, this hotel is no worse, and, perhaps, even better than most of its foreign colleagues. Everything is at a very high level! I recommend it!

Marina Volkova


We spent our vacation at the Fioleto Hotel with great pleasure! I really liked the kitchen, the rooms, the territory, the cool play, the staff - WITH THE EXCEPTION OF: aunts from the nursery - well, this is tin guys, a housemaster!!! She only looks after the toys to stand on the shelves - this is impossible, then it is impossible, she is very rude to the kids! There are a lot of sand toys in the room, but you can't take them! Once we got on another employee of the children's room - a beautiful girl Milena - it's a completely different matter, comrades! She suggested to children and parents what is better to play, which toys are better for a particular age - in a word, positive and kindness reigned in the nursery!

Marina K.


Thanks to all the staff, our vacation on 4.07-14.07.2022 was excellent.The food is super. Special thanks for the photo shoot to Arthur-a man whom I can safely call a true professional in his field. Thank you for the calmness and confidence that you instilled in us throughout the photo shoot. I didn't doubt my choice for a second, everything went smoothly and clearly.Credit photos.

Ekaterina Akopova


The hotel is just super, there is a lot of food, everything is delicious at home, children are entertained perfectly, friendly staff, special thanks to the girls Mazur Tatiana, Lekontseva Elizabeth, everything is cleaned in the dining room during!The pool is clean, in general, everything is included-it's cool!

Eugenia K.


Thank you very much violet for a wonderful stay. I liked everything very much. Delicious food. Clean beach. Nice beach bar. Beautiful swimming pool. Separately, I want to mention a very responsible and vigilant lifeguard by the pool. Clean rooms. Friendly staff.


2 minutes to the beach

The resort is located on the Black Sea coast in the western part of Anapa

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