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The Rating of the Best Sanatoriums in Anapa for Rest and Treatment

The Krasnodar Territory of our country is famous for a large number of popular sanatoriums, both multidisciplinary and specializing in certain diseases with a high level of modern equipment and professional service. More than two hundred health resorts not only in Anapa, but also in suburban villages: Dzhemete, Vityazevo, Bolshoy Utrish receive thousands of tourists annually. The Black Sea, clean air, natural springs with mineral water and healing mud are good for health. At the congress of the International Federation of Balneology and Balneology, specialists awarded Anapa the title of "The Best balneological resort in the world".


  1. Sanatorium "Pearl of Russia"
  2. Sanatorium and resort complex "Diluch"
  3. Sanatorium "Rus"
  4. Sanatorium "Black Sea Dawn"
  5. Sanatorium "Ural"
  6. Sanatorium "Old Anapa"
  7. Sanatorium "Nadezhda"
  8. Aquamarine Sanatorium
  9. Sanatorium "Malaya Bukhta"
  10. Sanatorium "Kuban"
  11. Sanatorium "Polar Dawns"
  12. Sanatorium "Rodnik"
  13. Sanatorium "Parus"
  14. Sanatorium "Yunost"
  15. Sanatorium "Brigantine"
  16. Sanatorium "Anapa-Ocean"
  17. Sanatorium "Hellas"
  18. Sanatorium "Anapa-Neptune"
  19. Sanatorium "BFO"
  20. Sanatoriums on the map

Sanatorium "Pearl of Russia"

On 50 hectares of the unique Anapa arboretum there is a multidisciplinary sanatorium "Pearl of Russia" for adults and children, on the basis of which there is a children's pioneer camp. Those who need treatment should definitely choose the sanatorium complex "Pearl of Russia" with wellness programs of a wide profile. Visitors treat the heart, blood vessels, respiratory organs. Guests live in the modern interiors of four bright themed buildings. Cozy rooms for 3-5 people with balconies, stretch ceilings, plastic windows, Wi-Fi.

More than 50 pediatricians, traumatologists, orthopedists, allergists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, urologists, cardiologists, otolaryngologists, physiotherapists work here, who develop individual wellness systems after a thorough examination. In the sanatorium with an integrated approach, doctors have developed therapeutic and wellness services: hardware physiotherapy, massage, inhalation, diet therapy, magnetotherapy, quantum therapy, galvanization, climatotherapy, phytotherapy, physical therapy and other methods.

Learn more about the sanatorium on the official website.

Sanatorium and resort complex "Diluch"

The oldest sanatorium was opened about 100 years ago. In the medical and cosmetology center, spa complex, balneology and mud treatment departments, more than 400 types of examinations are carried out to treat joints, spine, endocrine and nervous systems. There is a pump room here. In six three-star hotels with a gym, playgrounds, swimming pool, sauna, guests are accommodated with children of any age. Rooms with air conditioning, wardrobes.

Sanatorium "Rus"

On the territory of the park there is a family sanatorium "Rus" with comfortable rooms, which have air conditioners, refrigerators, Internet access. The Black Sea coast is 40 meters from the sanatorium. Here patients can cure respiratory organs, musculoskeletal, endocrine, nervous systems, gynecological diseases, metabolic problems, blood circulation, digestion, allergies. Therapeutic procedures are used in the form of kinesotherapy, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, mud therapy.

Sanatorium "Black Sea dawn"

In a coniferous forest with soft sand on the Black Sea coast there is a sanatorium "Black Sea Dawn". Patients who treat the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, ENT organs are admitted here.

Sanatorium "Ural"

A four-star resort complex for guests of all ages with children's towns, a nightclub, swimming pools, a beach, and a buffet. Visitors are treated and rest, hold corporate parties and business conferences. the hydrothermal zone of the SPA complex has a sauna. At the disposal of vacationers: a swimming pool, a large selection of spa procedures and techniques in the form of floating, hirudotherapy, acupuncture. Modern technical equipment of the sanatorium with a drinking pump room, mud baths, herbal medicine, acupuncture and hirudotherapy. They live in comfortable rooms of the "Standard" type.

Sanatorium "Old Anapa"

The sanatorium is located in an old building of architecture. The interiors of the hotel have columns and stucco, and the rooms have Italian furniture. Next to swimming pools, a children's room, a conference hall, a gym and a billiard room, playgrounds, a spa salon, a sauna complex, a cinema hall of the health resort, guests relax in a water park, a concert hall, an amusement center and a pump room. Doctors receive patients with digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.

Sanatorium "Nadezhda"

Immunologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, urologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, neurologists use therapeutic procedures in the form of hydro massage, medicinal baths, magnetic therapy, as well as techniques with mineral water, healing mud, medicinal mountain wax and collections of ecological herbs of the Kuban. Not far from the health resort is the Gorgippia Museum, an amusement center, guests stroll along the central embankment, visit St. Onufrievsky Temple. A multidisciplinary health resort for 700 people with a swimming pool, SPA rooms and fitness equipment.

Aquamarine Sanatorium

A small health resort of the category "four stars" with a conference hall and a restaurant, you need to book rooms several months in advance. Guests play on volleyball and basketball courts, work out in the gym, there are slides in the pool. Doctors deal with diseases of the respiratory system, nervous and musculoskeletal system, female genital area, circulatory problems. A wide variety of spa programs.

Sanatorium "Malaya Bukhta"

Patients with skin problems and diseases of the musculoskeletal system come here. Doctors treat the nervous, genitourinary, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems, as well as digestive organs and ENT organs. There are play areas and sports grounds for children. 5 residential buildings with a capacity of about 100 people.

Sanatorium "Kuban"

The balconies of the rooms in the nine-storey building offer a gorgeous view of the Black Sea Bay. The sanatorium is located in the city center, 5 minutes from the city beach. Office of psychological relief, mud treatment, baths, inhalations to solve bronchopulmonary problems.

Sanatorium "Polar Dawns"

For more than 40 years, a boarding house has been operating in which patients are received by an otolaryngologist, neurologist, cardiologist, traumatologist, orthopedist, allergist-immunologist, gastroenterologist, occupational pathologist and pediatrician. Balneotherapy is represented by medicinal and vortex baths, underwater shower with massage. physiotherapy procedures in the form of exposure using a magnetic field, electrophoresis, ultraviolet, electromagnetic and ultrasonic radiation. Guests eat five meals. Especially for children, a cultural and wellness program with excursions, parties and clubs.

Sanatorium "Rodnik"

The summer sanatorium with 5 residential buildings can accommodate up to 100 people at the same time, has a large territory, developed infrastructure, an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, a balanced menu in the restaurant. Doctors treat respiratory organs, defects of the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems. Special emphasis is placed on the gastrointestinal tract, bones and muscles, gynecological problems. They use treatment with magnets, therapeutic mud, sea air, and the sun.

Sanatorium "Sail"

The multifunctional medical health resort is located on an area of 8 hectares. For treatment, procedures are used using magnets, laser, mineral water, therapeutic mud, inhalation, electroplating, electric light therapy, cryotherapy, halotherapy, All amenities and fresh repairs in the rooms for living. Its own sandy beach on the Black Sea coast is located at a distance of 0.5 km from the medical center, but the sanatorium has a swimming pool.

Sanatorium "Yunost"

A boarding house for the treatment of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, obesity, disorders of the nervous system. Doctors treat patients with inhalations, reflex and acupuncture, light therapy. There is only a club for entertaining visitors. There are a lot of algae on the beach, but there is an indoor pool. There is no gym.

Sanatorium "Brigantine"

There are single-storey or two-storey buildings with different categories of rooms for patients to live in. Cardiologists, dermatologists, neurologists use procedures in the form of hydro massage, mud therapy, various types of baths, salt cave. Here you can get into a sauna, four swimming pools, a mini-water park. Three meals a day according to the buffet system.

Anapa-Okean Sanatorium

The doctors of the 3-star sanatorium specialize in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system due to rest, the effects of climate, psychotherapeutic trainings. Guests stay in rooms of the "Suite", "Standard" and "Studio" type. There is a concert hall and a sports center, a small parking for cars.

Hellas Sanatorium

The doctors of the sanatorium of the 3-star level specialize in the treatment of the nervous, reproductive system, ENT organs, diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Therapeutic techniques are based on mud therapy, balneotherapy, inhalations, physiotherapy, herbal medicine, massage techniques, exercise therapy exercises. Guests have the opportunity to choose from a large number of rooms of different categories. For the leisure of visitors, there is a disco bar, a swimming pool, a sports complex on the territory.

Anapa-Neptune Sanatorium

Specialized sanatorium for the treatment of joints, respiratory organs, neurology, pediatrics. The doctors of the sanatorium massage techniques, laser and pressotherapy, magnetotherapy, darsonval currents, speleocamera, physical therapy classes, treatment with the help of climatic conditions and mineral baths, outdoor walks. Living conditions have been created for visitors in the form of comfortable rooms of different categories. Additionally, there are exercise machines, a sauna, a library.

Sanatorium "BFO"

Comfortable and convenient sanatorium with reconstructed buildings for living. There is a TV, air conditioning. Specialization of doctors in the treatment of problems of neurology, respiratory organs, skin diseases, urology and gynecology with the use of massage, inhalations, short ultraviolet radiation, galvanophoresis, SMT-foresis.

Anapa health resorts on the map:

Anapa sanatoriums are a great place for everyone who is looking for comfortable accommodation, breathing exercises and a lot of entertainment. Every year sanatoriums offer different offers and payment options. The main factors that make Anapa resorts popular include excellent location and competitive booking prices.

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