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Bugaz Spit - a natural attraction of Anapa

The famous beaches of Anapa in Russia begin from the Bugaz sand spit with a length of 12 km. The width of the Black Sea coast is about 300 meters. This place is not as popular as, for example, the beaches of the village of Vityazevo or the village of Dzhemete, so there are few vacationers here. From this, the beach on the Bugaz spit, over which the dunes rise, only benefits. The conditions for recreation here are excellent: on one side of the spit there is a transparent sea with clean sand, on the other side the spit is washed by fresh water from the estuary. However, due to the lack of resort service, difficulties are created for a comfortable stay. Vacationers have to take everything they need for a beach holiday with them. The "wild" type of tourism is not suitable for some people. On the Bugaz spit, a vacation suitable for lovers of sunsets, silence, sun and solitude with the beauty of nature.

History of education

Seaside sandbanks are a common phenomenon in different parts of the world. Geological formations appear as a result of coastal undercurrents that form braids. The Kuban River influenced the formation of the Bugaz Spit, as well as the Kiziltash and Bugaz estuaries.

Throughout history, the main waterway of the North Caucasus has changed direction more than once, so it flowed into the Black Sea, then into the Sea of Azov. However, at the beginning of the XIX century, it was decided to add fresh water from the river to the Kurchavsky and Akhtanizovsky estuaries through a dug channel. The plan turned out to be unsuccessful, the Kuban rushed into the Temryuk Bay of the Azov Sea, so the old riverbed in the direction of the Kiziltash estuary eventually dried up.

Almost until the beginning of the XX century, in the Bugaz spit, river water went out to sea. When the drain was stopped, the spit became continuous. The estuary has become shallow, and the water in it has become salty. A viscous sludge with an unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide appeared at the bottom. Now this mud is used to treat various diseases. Thus, a natural recreation area appeared on the coast.

Advantages of the Bugaz spit

Bugaz spit is a natural monument and is located on the territory of the landscape reserve "Blagoveshchenskaya Spit", which was created in 1995. That is why fishing, collecting herbs and the construction of capital buildings are prohibited here. Only light buildings for storing kitesurfers' sports equipment are equipped on the spit. In this area, the grass-roots wind almost always blows, creating conditions for beginners and sports competitions among amateurs and professionals. There are several schools for training kite and windsurfers on the spit. There are especially many guests here in August because the annual international kitesurfing festival takes place. Ordinary tourists come here every year thanks to the clean sand and transparent sea. The shallow water along the Bugaz spit is very pleasing to children. Although due to windy weather, strong waves are often created at sea to the delight of thrill-seekers. Diving is also popular on the Bugaz Spit.

The best time for a family trip is from May to June, when there are relatively few tourists. The bathing season lasts here from mid-June to early September. Near the spit there is a boarding house, tourist bases and hotels, in order to get into them, it is better to book rooms in advance. The nearest campsite is organized right at the entrance, tourists will be able to stop here by car. Tents, a shower, a barbecue, sun loungers and sun beds with canopies are installed on the territory. Nearby there are several cafes and rental, there are entertainment for both children and adults. Interesting excursions are offered by most companies so that vacationers can see the best museums and other attractions.

How to get there?

From the center of Anapa to the village of Blagoveshchenskaya, you can take a minibus No. 106. It is most convenient to get to the spit by your own car using the navigator or using the road map. Seasoned tourists and locals recommend driving almost 500 meters, then the path for the entrance of transport is closed, so there is a platform for cars. After that, you should walk.

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