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Entertainment for Children on Vacation in Anapa

Families with children who want to relax in the Krasnodar Territory most often choose Anapa, because there are many bright, interesting, unforgettable entertainments for kids in this resort city. Many Anapa beaches are shallow, so they are great for children.

Play centers with swings and carousels, water parks with slides and pools, various museums, contact zoos will help children relax, explore the world, develop abilities, reveal talents, gain self-confidence. Anapa is the leader among Russian resorts for family holidays. The number of entertainment centers for family holidays in Anapa is regularly increasing, new complexes are being opened, including on the territory of hotels, boarding houses, sanatoriums, hotels.

Complex "Miracleon"

Address: Pionersky Prospekt, 253

On 45 hectares there is a chain of high-level hotels on the Ultra All Inclusive system with a 1.5 kilometer coastline, on which there is a private sandy beach. Everything is provided on the territory of the resort so that vacationers do not care about anything but rest. For rich impressions and leisure of tourists, animators hold contests, games, quests, ping-pong and football competitions, musical and humorous evenings, bright shows for children and adults all year round. For a full rest of each guest there are 4 indoor swimming pools with an area of 1515 m2 with sun loungers, a Turkish hammam, a laconium, a salt sauna, a Finnish bath and much more.

Golden Beach Water Park

Address: Grebenskaya str., 2A.

The entertainment complex in the south of Russia was opened in 2001 and is a popular holiday destination among the citizens and guests of Anapa. There are 20 different slides of difficulty, combined with swimming pools. A specially built children's entertainment complex "Treasure Island" with eight attractions, an artificial pond with huge waves created by special equipment. Every year at the end of May there is a bright celebration of the opening of the complex with a theatrical performance.

Octopus Water Park

Address: Kalinina str., 30.

A small water park "Octopus" belongs to the pension "Nadezhda". The entertainment complex is open to residents and guests of Anapa. All water activities are designed for children aged 4 to 10 years. Adults can not swim in the water park, they watch from the side as the kids frolic. The layout of the miracle park resembles the sea, in which 9 slides and other attractions are presented, where a lifeguard is on duty.

Aqua complex "Bora Bora"

Address: Pionersky ave., 20A.

The hotel with the same name, which provides rooms for families with children, has a "Bora Bora", which consists of 6 huge pools with a variety of entertainment. The largest swimming pool with islands for sunbathing. There are deep reservoirs in the water park system to surf even. The aquacenter offers experienced instructors to young and adult guests who will help them master surfing. Near the shallow part of the pool there is a special playground for children with an obstacle course, swings. For those who like to swim, there is a children's shallow pool with water slides. There are also, the venue of the show programs.

Tiki-Tak Water Park

Address: Pioneer Ave., 38.

"Tiki-tak" is an amusement park for children, like a tropical island in the open air. Children really like the waterfall from the tipping barrel. Fans of extreme sports swim in pools with artificial waves, geysers, raft on inflatable rafts and various toboggans. It is also worth visiting a food court with a dining room, a cafe. Children under the age of 14 can only attend Tiki-Tak accompanied by adults. Various contests and incendiary discos are held on the Pearl stage.

Park named after the 30th Anniversary of Victory

Address: corner of Gorky and Krasnodarskaya streets.

The main city park with light fountains and a monument to the white hat, where tourists like to take pictures, was founded in 1975 for the 30th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Teenagers and their friends often visit art and historical exhibitions. It is also very interesting to see the art shows that regularly take place in the park. There are slides, a rope town, a magic castle, a tunnel-type aquarium, a living area where children feed animals. Figures of fairy-tale heroes are installed here.

Children's Park and the "Jungle Book"

Address: Krasnoarmeyskaya St..

The Children's Park started working on Children's Day - June 1, 1979. Ferris wheel, circus, mini-jeeps, extreme rides for older children work in game areas with various themes. In 2010, reconstruction work began, thanks to which a new entertainment area with a tropical atmosphere appeared right at the main entrance, where kids feel like Mowgli.

Children's club "Akuna-Matata"

Address: Anapa sh., 9.

In the shopping center "Green" there is a club resembling a game room with a maze, a spiral slide, carousels, a trampoline, a dry pool, air hockey, table football, slot machines, parents leave their children for shopping trips, spas or to relax on the beach. Children can stay here, including accompanied by adults only in socks on their feet. For children under 3 years old, a diaper is added. The cafe with a children's menu offers the services of animators for individual and group colorful performances.

Sunny Island Park

Address: Pioneer Ave., 38A.

6 kilometers from the city center there is a wonderful place "Sunny Island" — a park for children aged 2 years and older with attractions that are open daily from May to September. Children ride on traditional carousels. They visit the room of laughter and the labyrinth of fear, as well as a children's safari, a swimming pool with floating dragons, a mini-jet "Helicopters". "House upside down" - an unusual structure with a floor instead of a ceiling is of particular interest to children. Simulator rides allow you to feel the atmosphere of auto racing, where representatives of the older generation become participants of Formula 1.

Trampoline center "Clouds"

Address: Anapa sh., 5.

The cozy sports complex "Clouds" has been operating in Anapa since 2017. There are more than 20 trampolines and two foam pits for jumping enthusiasts, and there is a climbing wall with a soft rock for climbing heights, so it is safe to fall. Free admission for children from 3 to 6 years old. Any child can visit this center, but always accompanied by an adult. Experienced instructors work in the complex, it is a favorite place to celebrate birthdays. The ticket price depends on the day of the week, the duration of the session.

Equestrian Stunt Park x-trim

Address: village Sukko, trans. River

In the vicinity of Anapa there is a "Park-Extim", which is especially interesting for fans of the era of King Arthur. In the Lion's Head Castle, everyday life is recreated by knightly duels and battles. There is a reminder of the dark Middle Ages - the museum of torture. The equestrian stunt theater consists of a stable, a cafe, a hotel to accommodate guests who enjoy the beauty of nature, participate in quests, master classes in pottery and blacksmithing. In addition to colorful horse shows, birthday parties, the complex offers classes in an equestrian club, archery training.

Nemo Entertainment Complex

Address: Pionersky ave., 20A/6.

The dolphinarium includes an oceanarium, a theater with performances of marine animals, including dolphins, walruses, fur seals, a Chilean sea lion and a polar white whale. Visitors swim with dolphins under the supervision of an experienced instructor. From October to May, dolphin therapy is carried out in Nemo for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal system. For children under 5 years of age, admission is free, discounts are provided for large families.

Ocean Park Aquarium

Address: Pionersky Prospekt, house No. 20 A

The Anapa Aquarium is suitable for children interested in information about the flora and fauna of the water depths. Thanks to the semi-darkness and illumination, the impression of a mysterious atmosphere is created with the illusion of diving to the bottom of the sea. There are shows with the participation of dolphins. Difficulties arise for visitors due to inconvenient parking and lack of cafes.

Oceanarium "Reef"

Address: ave. Revolution, 3.

In Anapa, children get to know coral reefs more closely at the Reef Aquarium, located on the territory of the Golden Bay complex. In addition to amazing coral reefs, children watch the life of the inhabitants of the sea: butterfly fish, moray eels, octopuses.

Tunnel marine aquarium "Bathyscaphe"

Address: ul. Protapova, 1/1.

"Bathyscaphe" is an architectural structure by A. P. Ioanidi, created in 1996 for lovers of the underwater Black Sea world. Slow music sounds here, so it seems that colorful fish are dancing, showing off in front of visitors. The "bathyscaphe" is divided into several aquariums, each of which is home to species of marine and freshwater inhabitants: stingrays, sea dragons, turtles, catfish, crayfish, pike, mirror carp. There is a unique collection of shells, there is a terrarium with snakes, chameleons and monitor lizards.

Aristey Safari Park

Address: Mayakovsky str., 1B, Usatova Balka farm.

Safari Park "Aristey" is located 7 kilometers from Anapa On a farm engaged in breeding black ostriches. Currently, there are 20 African ostriches, pheasants, calves, goats, a donkey and a double-humped camel. Visitors can ride, take photos, play and feed pets under the supervision of park staff. There is a pottery workshop where workshops for children and adults are held. A clay product made with your own hands will become an original souvenir. In the safari park cafe, guests taste dishes made from ostrich eggs, vegetables and fruits grown on the farm of Usatova Balka.

Crocodile Farm Zooterrarium

Address: Grebenskaya str., 4.

Crocodiles from different parts of the world are collected on a farm in the center of Anapa, near the Golden Beach water park. There are about 50 different crocodiles in the free enclosures of the farm: Siamese crocodiles from Southeast Asia, legendary giants of the Nile, adult monsters and very small cubs. The main place among them is occupied by the Cuban crocodile - a resident of the southern regions of the United States and Central America. The best time to visit is from June to October. There are crocodile shows with performances by acrobats and strongmen.

Fascinating excursions are conducted around the farm. The program of the visit includes the Zoomir exhibition and a petting zoo, where children not only watch reptiles, monitor lizards, snakes and lizards, but also can touch huge turtles and feed animals and birds under the supervision of specialists. Children under three years old accompanied by their parents are free of charge.

Einsteinium Museum

Address: Krymskaya str., 272.

The Children's Museum of Entertaining Sciences was opened in 2016 to popularize knowledge about the surrounding world among children over the age of three. In "Einsteinium" children, playing, learn the laws of physics, participate in scientific shows and master classes. In the laboratory, they can touch devices, machines.

Diana Rudy Chocolate Workshop

Address: 58A Samburova str.

There is a place in Anapa where a child gets acquainted with the world of his favorite sweets, with the history of the development of chocolate production, learns the subtleties of confectionery art and tastes different types of chocolate, participating in museum tours and master classes.

Gorgippia Archaeological Museum

Address: Embankment str., 4

With the help of 3D technologies, young and adult visitors to the museum-reserve can get an idea of the beauty of the appearance and interior decoration of the buildings of the city of Gorgippia, which existed in ancient times, the museum has departments of local lore, archeology, but the most interesting part of its exposition is in the fresh air. The ruins of the fortress walls and temple structures have been preserved. The main attraction of Gorgippia: the crypt of Hercules with frescoes, bas-reliefs. Going to this museum is like visiting the Ancient World.

Local History Museum

Address: ul. Protapova, 1

From the museum's exposition, you can learn interesting facts about the population of the Bosporan Kingdom. Exhibits such as ancient weapons, coins, jewelry made of stone, metal, wood, figurines of ancient deities show the way of life and everyday life. The museum has sections dedicated to the Russian-Turkish war, the victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany. In the halls there is a collection of Turkish coins, pre-revolutionary photographs, animal mannequins, samples of minerals found in the Krasnodar Territory, things belonging to famous people of Anapa.

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