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The Best Beaches in Anapa - TOP 20

Since Soviet times, Anapa beaches with a length of about 17 km are considered the best on the Black Sea coast. Picturesque estuaries, sea air, warm water and healing mud create an atmosphere for an amazing holiday.

Anapa has calm and noisy, wild and well-maintained, sandy and pebble areas of the coast.


  1. Central
  2. High Bank
  3. Therapeutic
  4. Beaches in the direction of Djemete
  5. Jemete
  6. Vityazevo
  7. Golden Bay
  8. Wild in a Small Bay
  9. Small Bay
  10. 40 years of Victory
  11. The beach of the sanatorium "Malaya Bay"
  12. Wild beach in the direction of Sukko
  13. Varvarovskaya gap
  14. Sukko
  15. Small Utrish
  16. Big Utrish
  17. Between Vityazevo and Blagoveshchenskaya
  18. Blagoveshchenskaya
  19. Bugaz spit
  20. Veselovka
  21. Anapa beaches on the map


The most popular and largest beach in Anapa. You can go down to the sea along Grebenskaya Street to get to the crowded and wide beach area of yellow sand with a length of about 1 km for free. The entrance to the beach is decorated in the form of a snow-white arch. The sea is shallow, it is convenient for bathing children, there are many different attractions.

Vacationers can use the luggage storage. There are sports grounds, a water park toilet and shower. Rescuers and medical workers are ready to help on the beach.

A negative point is the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the heat due to algae, although the bay is regularly cleaned. Nearby there are many expensive apartments in hotels, as well as budget hotels and guest houses, places in which you need to book in advance. You can get here by minibus №№100, 104, 112, 114.

High Bank

The coastal zone with small pebbles runs from the Small Bay to the village of SU-Psekh in Anapa. There are wild places for a secluded holiday and with a developed infrastructure. The descent into the water is gentle, but it is inconvenient for small children to swim here because of large stones, so playgrounds with trampolines are equipped on the shore. For adults there is entertainment on the water. There are a large number of shops and souvenir tents nearby. There is a lighthouse on the territory. There is a promenade along the coast, many sanatoriums, hotels, houses in the private sector have been built. There are several streets leading to the beach: Golubets, Turgenev, workers, which can be reached by public transport.


The famous beach in Anapa belonged to sanatoriums until 2006, and now the beach in the city center with various types of entertainment is available to everyone. Various medicinal algae come to this part of the Black Sea: Kelp, Ulva, Zostera, Cystosyra and Kamka. Algae is used as a useful and delicious seasoning, as well as during a healing wrap. Algae have a rejuvenating effect, heal vascular diseases, respiratory and digestive system organs. It is recommended to swim or stay on the shore soaked in iodine. You can walk here or come by bus 109, 125 along Krasnodarskaya Street.

Beaches in the direction of Djemete

Sand dunes surround the coast with a well-developed infrastructure, divided between boarding houses, sanatoriums, camps of Anapa. There are cafes here, medical and rescue service staff are on duty. Popular recreation areas are "White Beach", "Fairy", "Seahorse", "Priobye", "Spring-Ryabinushka-Nightingale", which form a continuation of the resort area. In a private residential area, which is located nearby, there are options for living. Warm and shallow sea, gentle and soft sand make holidays with young children safe.


In the northern district of Anapa there is a resort village with cozy accommodation and a wide sandy coastline. Previously, this flat part of the beach shore on Pionerskiy Prospekt was called the Cordon. The bottom at the shallow entrance to the water is sandy, which is convenient for children. There are much fewer vacationers who have access to umbrellas, sun beds, showers, toilets, luggage storage and any entertainment on the water. It is possible to rent the necessary equipment. Teams of doctors and rescuers are on duty regularly. In the evening, there are attractions, nightclubs, cafes, discos.


The bay with a depth of only 2 m is a nature-created recreation area with wide, sandy beaches with a length of 43 km. Vityazevsky estuary is famous for its healing silt mud due to its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, resorbing properties. The village got its name because of the famous sanatorium "Vityaz" in Anapa. There are hotels and inns nearby for vacationers to stay.

The beach with the new Olympia water Park, where a well-developed infrastructure can be accessed from Paralia Boulevard. Visitors have fun on catamarans, jet skis. They jump into the water from the towers. Every year an international exhibition of sand sculptures takes place on the shore.

Participants perform copies of world monuments of architecture, famous heroes. After the beach belonging to the Vityaz wellness complex, a wild beach begins.

Sandy beach "Miracleon"

I would like to note that our resort has its own sandy beach. Parents will appreciate the gentle smooth entrance into the water. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, shade canopies, a bar, food trucks, a sports and children's playground. Wi-Fi is available on the beach. Towels are provided to hotel guests on the beach. For the safety of hotel guests, a team of qualified rescuers and a medical worker are always on duty.

While relaxing by the sea, guests can enjoy an assortment of dishes and drinks at the beach bar. In the menu you can find several types of pizza, sandwiches, shawarma, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other snacks and drinks.

Golden Bay

Beautiful bungalows built in eco-style are located at Anapa, Pushkin str., 24. There is a private pebble beach nearby, also named as the Golden Bay Hotel in Anapa. You can get to the sea directly from the breakwater or along a path with boulders and sharp stones. The entrance to the beach is free for hotel guests, the rest buy an entrance ticket, the price of which includes the use of the pool, sun beds, umbrellas, toilet, changing cabins. During the rest, you can not leave the territory, otherwise you will have to buy a ticket again.

There are outdoor verandas, restaurants on the fenced beach area, and a bar next to the pool. It offers dishes for every taste. Rescuers are always on duty, a medical center is working. To relax in a well-maintained area, you need to get to the Diluch stop by bus or minibus.

Wild beach in a Small Bay

A holiday destination with a rich infrastructure and especially clean water in the Black Sea. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops on the extended area of the shore with small and smooth pebbles. You can get there by bus or minibus, leaving at the stop at the sanatorium "Rus" in Anapa.

Vacationers get acquainted with the archaeological museum, the ancient city of Gorgippia, where the "Crypt of Hercules" is located. They can visit the house of the archaeologist Veselovsky, who discovered the Maikop Mound, the water park, the Gudovich Square and the Park of Glory. The hottest time to rest is July, when the air temperature reaches +40 degrees.

Small Bay

The beach "Malaya Bay" in Anapa consists of a territory for general use and only for guests of the boarding house. The coastal strip has stairs leading to unusually clear water, comfortable concrete platforms and sunshades. The beach infrastructure includes the following elements: toilets, changing rooms, showers, rental of sports equipment, a special observation tower. Those who wish to ride on boats, catamarans, boats. There are numerous inflatable attractions for kids.

Instructors of the yacht club, diving and surfing schools teach beginners. From the railway station to the beach there is a minibus number 127. It is necessary to get out at the bus stop Sanatorium "Rus" or boarding house "High Coast".

40 years of Victory

A small pebble beach where locals like to relax. Nearby Anapa Park is a Walnut grove with a singing fountain, here begins the 40th Anniversary of Victory Street with wide paved sidewalks and steep stairs. There are many souvenir stalls and shops, you can drive up by car, motorcycle, bicycle. A barrier is installed in front of the beach, allowing special transport. Convenient descent into the sea, equipped areas with sun loungers, sun umbrellas,

Lovers of mountain hiking can climb difficult paths together with an instructor. You can get there by bus №№ 11, 17, 34, 11, 115, getting off at the Cosmonauts or Walnut Grove bus stop.

The beach of the sanatorium "Malaya Bay"

A comfortable beach belonging to the Anapa sanatorium appeared near the "crying rocks" between the lighthouse and the cafe "Rocks of Dreams". In the process of strengthening the coast, a new pebble recreation area was created instead of the rocky coast. From the embankment, it is convenient for guests of the sanatorium to descend the stairs to find themselves among wooden sun beds, loose soft sand for children's games. There is a canopy from the sun to relax on mattresses, admiring the sea waves with the whole family. You can rent a plastic chaise longue to sunbathe next to the sea. In small cafes you can taste dishes of European and Caucasian cuisine. For an additional fee, you can rent a boat, a scooter, or fly by parachute.

Wild beach in the direction of Sukko

Behind the coastal area of the 40 years of Victory beach, going in the direction of Sukko, there is a shore with stones 5 km long. This is a place for lovers of pristine nature. Cheerful companies with tents come here, who swim at night under the light of the moon and watch the plankton in the Black Sea. From July to September, diving enthusiasts explore the underwater kingdom here. Tourists staying in hotels and inns also come to the wild beach. There are shops and cafes in the village of Sukko. Prices are lower compared to Anapa. As entertainment, vacationers visit the nearby dolphinarium.

Varvarovskaya gap

In the gorge between the villages of Sukko and Varvarovka, an unusually beautiful area with small pebbles, clear sea and rare relict trees overhanging the beach, covering the rocks and filling the air with healing properties is hidden. They are beautiful. On the territory of the reserve, where the beach is located, there are paths laid by the residents of Varvarovka. It is allowed to rest in tents, tourists organize meals themselves, since there are no shops nearby, then even water has to be taken with them. From the infrastructure on the shore there are cabins for changing clothes, they give out sun loungers, umbrellas, you can rent a boat, catamaran, jet ski. A cafe is open during the summer. For a secluded holiday, you need to go to the end of the beach, there are very romantic places here among the huge stones.


A favorite vacation spot for guests and residents of the village of Sukko is located in a picturesque valley of the Caucasian ridge with a beautiful lake, on the shore of which a village is built, where entertainment in the African spirit takes place in the evenings. Juniper bushes oaks, beeches, pines and birches create an atmosphere that helps not only for recreation, but also for health. Locals have put together a legend about 33 heroic poplars that tower over the most famous beach. On the wide shore of the lake with the necessary infrastructure there are both sandy areas and places with pebbles. It offers vacationers not only hiking, but also horseback riding along the picturesque mountain slopes. You can get here in 20 minutes by regular buses. Hotels have been built for living, it is easy to find accommodation in the private sector.

Small Utrish

Come to the village of Maly Utrish with a protected area protected by the state you can follow the dirt road that leads to Sukko, Durso. To sunbathe on a wild beach, swim in clear water, see the only waterfall with drinking water, it is better to use a boat coming from the village of Bolshoy Utrish. Due to the remoteness from the popular beaches of Anapa in a small bay with rocky beaches with a gentle descent and rapidly increasing depth, from May to the end of October, conditions for a relaxing holiday without the benefits of civilization are created. Vacationers often see dolphins swimming by. There is useful water "Utrishskaya", you can walk through juniper thickets and among pistachio bushes. Tourists with interest visit the ruins of the Trebizond fortress and mysterious dolmens.

Big Utrish

Lovers of quiet recreation come to this village. A shallow sea with a sandy and pebble shore compensates for the lack of shops, cafes, sports grounds and other beach infrastructure. To get to the coast with lush vegetation, you need to pay the rangers and go through the reserve.Tourists come for the opportunity to fall asleep in a tent under the sound of the sea surf, in the light of the moonlight path. Here it is easy to recall the legend of Prometheus, chained to a local rock, which you can see with your own eyes. You can get there in 40 minutes by bus No. 109.

Between Vityazevo and Blagoveshchenskaya

Fans of such extreme sports as kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving come to the outskirts of the village of Vityazevo. On most of the sandy beaches with small shells, reaching the camping in the village of Blagoveshchenskaya, tourists admire the sunrises and sunsets, sing songs to the guitar and relax in tents. Cafes work, there is a rental of equipment. Popular equipped beaches with a smooth entrance to the sea are: wild beach on the Bugaz spit, "Cassandra", "Solaris", "Eden". There are few vacationers here, quiet, calm.


The wide, sandy beach in the village of Blagoveshchenskaya is considered the most peaceful peninsula, surrounded by the Black Sea, Vityazevsky and Kiziltash estuaries, which contain unique mud used by sanatoriums for health restoration procedures. It is easier to find housing in the private sector. There are always a lot of free places on the beach, there are sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, toilets, changing cabins for families. The sea is clean, without algae. On the shore, you can play on sports grounds, swing on a swing, jump on a trampoline. There is a diving center.Divers descend to the seabed to look at ancient sunken ships. They rent sports equipment, a boat, a boat. Kitesurfing enthusiasts ride the waves with a kite. From the bus station "Severny Rynok" and from the Dolphinarium it is convenient to come to the village by minibus No. 106.

Bugaz spit

It is difficult to find a place to relax without modern conditions, but it is more interesting (chosen annually by many tourists) than the Bugaz spit with a length of 12 km and a width of 300 m - a unique creation of nature. There are no showers, places to eat, modern attractions for children and adults. Vacationers by private car bring a supply of food and water, which, if necessary, can be replenished by "Kasandra", which is located at the station. Right without leaving the tent, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the territory, which has been included in the landscape reserve "Blagoveshchenskaya Spit" since 1995. Thanks to the constantly windy weather and the shallow waters of the Kiziltash estuary, ideal conditions have been created for novice kitesurfing enthusiasts. The expanses of the Black Sea are suitable for professionals. Kitesurfing training schools are located along the spit. 9 km from the village on some beaches: Kiziltash, Bugaz, Volna there are entertainment and conditions for family holidays.


The village formerly called Yantar and located in the ecologically clean steppe zone of the Taman Peninsula is the final point. Along the Kiziltash estuary there is a spacious sandy shore washed by a clean and warm Black Sea, allowing you to bask in the sun from May to September. There are both well-equipped and completely wild places on the coast. There is no dense development of modern buildings and congestion of people. In the coastal part there are mini-hotels, recreation centers, a turnkey residential complex with apartments, cafes, shops, the necessary elements of beach infrastructure have been created. In the mainland there are houses where you can arrange accommodation for any period. Nearby there is a salt lake and rich in hydrogen sulfide and therapeutic mud. Picturesque surroundings, mud volcanoes, famous sights of Taman and ancient Kerch are accessible to tourists after a quick trip over the bridge.

Anapa beaches on the map


Anapa has always been considered the best place for children to relax. There are many camps, sanatoriums, boarding houses, tourist bases on the resort coast, which are popular. It is now easy to book a place in a hotel. Having bought a ticket in advance, you can meet the summer in Anapa or on one of the beaches of Dzhemete, Sukko, Vityazevo, where the comfort of rest is not worse, and the cost is much lower.

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