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The ancient city and famous resort of Krasnodar Krai is located on the southwestern shore of the Black Sea with a mild climate and beautiful sandy beaches stretching over 40 km - one of the most attractive resorts. since ancient times, this area has attracted people of different nationalities. Bulgarians called it Syndica, Greeks – Gorgippia, Genoese – Mapa, Turks – Anapa. Local attractions and popular entertainment are very diverse – there are water parks, dolphinariums, and an excellent embankment. Now you can learn more about the historical facts of the city in the numerous museums of Anapa, thanks to which a resort holiday can be not only fun and healthy, but also informative and interesting.


Gorgippia Archaeological Museum

Many centuries ago, an ancient city was located on the site of modern Anapa, where the Anapa Museum is now located, created in 1977 as a branch of the Krasnodar State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve named after E.D. Felitsyn. Now it is the only open-air museum in Russia. Every visitor finds himself in Ancient Greece, walking along the roads among the ancient quarters, meeting wells, fortifications, wine-making complexes, one can better imagine the life and way of life of the people of the Greek town named after the Bosporan king, who existed from the 4th century BC to the 3rd century AD and in 238 was almost destroyed by a strong fire. In the pre-revolutionary buildings built in 1887, 1900, 1914, there are exhibitions with authentic exhibits found during excavations: dishes, household utensils, jewelry, monuments of tombstone sculpture, sarcophagi. The findings of archaeological excavations from the end of the 19th century, which were conducted under the leadership of N. I. Veselovsky, who became the founder of Gorgippia in 1909. Hundreds of tourists come here to look at the cellars with the remains of clay amphorae for wine, grain barns. The ruins of temples with fragments of stone carvings testify to the high artistic level of the masters of the famous civilization.

Military Equipment Square

To see military equipment for various purposes, you need to visit the open-air museum on the Simferopol highway. Among the picturesque greenery, Soviet and Russian cannons, MI-8, Ka-27 helicopters, T-34, T-80 tanks, a floating PT-76 tank, a powerful BTR-70, a ship's anti-aircraft installation are displayed on concrete pedestals. The place of honor is occupied by the SU-27 aircraft - it is a high-class fighter of Russian production, the monument to the legendary pilot Borozdin was restored. A walking area was arranged for guests and residents of Anapa, which stretched to the Deauville Hotel.

Local History Museum

Here tourists will learn the unique history of Anapa, after the death of the Gorgippia, the legends about the nationalities and tribes that inhabited these places in different periods. There is a hall of ethnography, where guests are introduced to authentic household items, tools of distant ancestors. Looking at the exhibition, tourists get acquainted with medical procedures, bathing suits and the activities of resort residents of the 18th and 19th centuries. The section that introduces the flora and fauna of this area is considered to be fascinating. The nature section has a rich collection of insects, various types of marine fish. Interesting are the stories about Russian heroic warriors defending the fortress in battles with the Turks and during the Great Patriotic War. This exhibition presents documents, letters, weapons — a lot of real materials of the heroic victory of Russian soldiers over the Nazi invaders.

Shoko workshop "Diana-Rudy"

An unusual institution with a confectionery shop, a cafe and a chocolate museum was opened in 2018. Both children and adults like to come to the chocolate kingdom to learn during an interesting, informative interactive tour the history of the discoverers of a delicious product and the beneficial properties of cocoa beans, as well as the subtleties of cooking treats. A separate exhibition is dedicated to chocolate souvenirs of various shapes and types of Russian production. People participate in a master class on making a chocolate souvenir and receive a personalized certificate as a keepsake. At the end of the visit, you can see the work of shoko masters through a glass partition and buy goodies.


In 2016, Einsteinium was opened - a branch of the Entertainment Science Museums network (RMN) for the organization of scientific education for children and adults.

Young guests are attracted by the miracle space with the opportunity to touch any object or structure with their hands. Visitors conduct experiments, take part in scientific games, "sand animation". Of particular interest is the performance "Lightning Theater". Birthdays or other celebrations are often held here.

Dinopark Rex

You can get into a fantastic world with huge dinosaurs in the Rex Dinopark. On the beautifully decorated territory of the park, among exotic plants that successfully complement the primeval picture, there are giant primeval mammals made in full size, some of which can move. Reptiles with massive jaws on concrete pedestals have long fangs, curved claws, folds on their bodies. The theme park of giant dinosaurs will be a fascinating entertainment for the whole family and will tell a lot of informative things about these prehistoric creatures.

White Square Art Gallery

In 2009, the White Square Art Gallery was opened with an exhibition of paintings of various trends, ranging from primitivism to abstractionism, objects of applied art, sculptures, exclusive dolls, various interior accessories. In addition to viewing the exhibits, guests have the opportunity to participate in master classes in drawing, modeling, wood carving, which are conducted by qualified craftsmen, professionals, members of the Union of Artists of Russia.

The staff of the institution prepares future students, organizes psychological trainings and seminars. Everyone can take a course of study. Visitors purchase souvenirs and original crafts made here. Commissioned artists paint portraits. Designers design showcases, masters of baguette production make baguettes for photos, mirrors, paintings. Visiting the "White Square" is not only very exciting, but also practically useful.

Crocodile Farm

50 crocodiles live on a crocodile farm in Anapa, among which there are Siamese, Nile. In addition, visitors from May to October have the opportunity to see exotic fauna: turtles, pythons, skids, anaconda, cobra.

Of particular interest to both children and adults is the feeding of crocodiles. A fish is attached to a fishing rod and handed to the animal. A well-fed crocodile will not rush at prey, he will first lazily watch and suddenly grab food, showing huge jaws. This spectacle is conducted in compliance with security measures for visitors.

REEF Aquarium

Visitors to the aquarium, created in 2015, get into the atmosphere of the underwater kingdom. Large glass aquariums with corals, exotic fish, polyps, octopuses, stingrays, mollusks, seabed relief and algae of the Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea. To see the unique ecosystem of living organisms, you do not need to dive deep into the sea. In 20 small aquariums with a volume of 300 to 4000 liters, conditions have been created with optimal water temperature for the "sea forest" - unique coral reefs. There are rare species of sharks: carpet sharks, cat sharks, and reef sharks with their invariable companions – clingfish.

Aquarium "Bathyscaphe"

The underwater inhabitants of the Black Sea and the World Ocean are collected in the tunnel aquarium "Bathyscaphe". In the space of many aquariums, the underwater life of marine and freshwater individuals is clearly visible, for example, a stingray- a poisonous fish with a tail needle up to 2.5 m long. It is interesting to observe another predator not only swimming, but also flying – a sea rooster, which has bright fins like a cock's tail. Sturgeons, Black Sea and Atlantic giants measuring 20 m and weighing 80 kg are surprising. The long–lived aquarium is an eel, which is already 20 years old.

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