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How to Get to Anapa in 2023 - Popular Directions

For the safety of passengers, Rosaviation has introduced a regime of restriction of civil flights. Airports in the Southern Federal District are closed. Therefore, it is not yet possible to fly by plane to Anapa, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Adler – resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and many other cities, for example, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar. Sochi, Stavropol and Mineralnye Vody airports are currently operating. Arriving in Minvody, train number 677C runs from the railway station at 18:49 to the Tunnel station, from where you can get to Anapa by taxi or by transfer, which is provided by hotels for tourists from Sochi at your own expense or for a small cost.


How to get to Anapa from Sochi

Upon arrival in the resort town, you should choose ground transportation to get to your destination.


The Lastochka train runs from the airport to Anapa and back via Krasnodar. Seats are seated. Luggage will most likely have to pay extra. The duration of the trip is 7 hours and 40 minutes. It is important that the arrival time in Sochi fits the schedule of the "Swallow", since such trains do not travel often. Otherwise, you will have to wait a long time at the railway station or arrange a rest day, which is also not bad.


Anapa can be reached by taxi. It is better to know the taxi phone numbers in advance to protect yourself from surprises with payment. Anapa is 330 km from Sochi — 6 hours by car.


This option is suitable for those who tolerate long bus journeys well. From the train station, the bus station is across the street. Bus services to Anapa run regularly. The distance of 358 km on a comfortable air-conditioned bus can be overcome in 8 hours. Baggage is not included in the ticket price, so you will need to pay extra. To Tuapse, the bus travels along a mountain serpentine, then the road becomes smoother, and after Novorossiysk it passes through the plain.

How to get to Anapa from Moscow


The most convenient way to get from the Central part of Russia to Anapa is by train, because tourists do not have to make transfers, and they arrive in the center of Anapa. The main alternative to the plane after the closure of the airport in Anapa. Today you can buy train tickets at the station ticket offices. Services for buying tickets online will help to do this quickly, in order to compare prices, find the best offer, choose flight conditions, taking into account financial possibilities and simply buy tickets in advance, because it is possible to buy a ticket 90 days before departure. Moscow, provides an opportunity for tourists to take trains directly to the Anapa railway station.


There are regular intercity bus services from Moscow to Anapa.

Personal transport

It is very convenient to travel with a company of 3-4 people by car because of saving money for travel, self-selection of departure time, where and how many stops to make, as well as the opportunity to see the most beautiful cities of the country. However, when planning, it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of gasoline, but also the cost of toll roads. Most of the way from Moscow to Anapa runs through the toll highway M4 "Don". There is currently no differentiation between day and night fares. You can calculate the tariff yourself on the Avtodor website. Moscow is about 1500 km away from Anapa, the route takes no more than 19 hours, depending on the time of day, without taking into account stops and traffic jams, but in the summer season, on the way to the south, you may encounter queues for refueling. If there is only one driver at the wheel of the car, then you should definitely stop for the night along the way. Auto travelers love Anapa, because there is an entrance to the city from the Crimea, Krasnodar, Sochi and Rostov.

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