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88,000 RUB / alternate


Required work experience: from six months.

Full-time, full-time.


  • customer service at a high level,
  • attentiveness, courtesy,
  • receiving/transferring shifts: checking the cleanliness and sanitary condition of the workplace; monitoring the quality of goods in the bar; checking the availability of consumables;
  • preparation of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea;
  • consultation of guests when choosing dishes and drinks;
  • keeping the bar/restaurant area clean during the work shift.


  • experience as a bartender from 0.5 g.;
  • cocktail making skill;
  • high response rate to the request.


  • official employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • training in international service standards - online and offline trainings;
  • the opportunity to build a career in the international hotel chain resort Miracleon.

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