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Swedish Line Administrator

88,000 RUB / alternate


Required work experience: from 1 year.

Full-time, full-time.


  • Distribution of duties of employees on the Swedish line;
  • Interaction with all departments of the hotel;
  • Compliance with the service and service rules;
  • Scheduling, optimization of working hours without loss of service quality, preparation of timesheets and applications.
  • Maintaining team spirit in the team;
  • Providing high-quality customer service;
  • Knowledge and impeccable adherence to the rules of etiquette in service and communication with guests, contributing to maintaining the high reputation of the hotel.
  • By order of the head of the department, in connection with the production necessity, to perform other tasks that do not contradict his functional duties.


  • Work experience on the Swedish line is mandatory;
  • Shift management experience of at least 20 people;
  • Knowledge of hospitality standards;
  • An experienced PC user, the name of r-keeper;
  • Stress tolerance, multitasking, ability to work in a team, competent speech, organizational skills, responsibility, hospitality.


  • official employment in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • full social package;
  • training in international service standards - online and offline trainings;
  • career prospects.

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