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Malina Restaurant

For those who prefer dishes of Kuban and Caucasian cuisine. The richness of flavors and aromas of dishes from the Black Sea coast on your plate.

Pakhlova Restaurant

Discover the world of cuisine from the enchanting East. Aromatic spices and exotic herbs add exquisite flavor and fragrance to familiar ingredients.

The Noodle Restaurant

Are you a fan of Pan-Asian cuisine? Can't live without sushi and mussels? Add soy sauce to all your dishes? Then choose the Noodle Restaurant. All the variety of Asian cuisines in one restaurant.

Mascarpone Restaurant

Here, you can witness the entire process of pizza preparation and then personally savor the excellent taste of the most famous Italian dish, appreciate the flavors of European cheeses, and indulge in exquisite desserts.


Raspberry Restaurant" (Dune District)

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