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Anapa is a resort city. There are pros and cons, there are attractions, entertainment centers. Also, as in any other resort city, Anapa has many walking alleys, boulevards, squares and parks, because all vacationers really like to walk slowly through small but cozy resort towns, enjoying the local beauties, getting into the sea air. Resort amusement parks are the lungs of the city and the pride of all residents. Here tourists can relax from the heat, take children to rides, sit by the Anapa River, show the kids dinosaurs and even look for treasure!


  1. Central Park of the 30th Anniversary of Victory
  2. Children's Park
  3. Memory Alley Square
  4. Park Alley of Roses
  5. Dinopark
  6. Square named after him. Gudovich
  7. Theater Square
  8. Resort Park
  9. Walnut Grove

Central Park of the 30th anniversary of Victory

The park is located on Gorky Street, admission is free, the opening hours are daily. In the center of Anapa, near the embankment and the Golden Beach, there is the Central Park of the 30th Anniversary of Victory in the central part of which there are interesting sites with a large number of entertainment attractions. The Turkish Eastern Gate is the main attraction. For vivid emotions, so as not to forget what they saw, vacationers ride on carousels and a race track, visit a room of laughter and fear to experience unforgettable impressions, ride a Ferris wheel. The park has entertainment for visitors of all ages. Kids play in the sandbox and ride from low slides. A small artificial river has been created for family boating. Trampoline lovers climb inflatable multi-storey structures. Young visitors like the pool with balloons, and preschoolers prefer rope ladders. It is here in the new attraction "House upside down" that you can see ordinary things upside down. Guests walk on the ceiling, all objects are upside down. Teenagers with animators in the working attraction "Flint Gold" are looking for a real pirate treasure. The exhibition of figures of huge dinosaurs allows you to combine acute moments with the educational process. The models are equipped with mechanisms thanks to which they move and even stand on their hind legs.

It takes a whole day to see everything. Every day from 10:00 to 18:00, a 35-meter tunnel aquarium is open, which surrounds tourists from all sides, you can see both goldfish and sharks overhead. On the second floor -pythons, predatory insects, lizards. In the contact zoo, visitors communicate with ponies, ostriches, rabbits and birds. Animals can be petted and fed with food.

Children's Park

Where is : Pionersky Prospekt, behind the Northern Market.

The Children's Park, unlike the Central One, was inaugurated on the International Children's Day in 1979. Outdoor recreation areas are equipped for picnics, fishing, here travelers are engaged in kayaking and cycling. Special equipment for tourism can be rented, specialists will instruct. The coastal area of the Anapka River with weeping willows in the Children's Park is a favorite vacation spot due to the beautiful nature, small turtles, wild ducks and swans. The children's park is open every day. In the summer, Nikulin's Circus comes here on tour, there is a rope town and a "Rex Dinopark".

Memory Alley Square

Where is: near the city Embankment, between Pushkin Street and ave. Revolutions.

On the Alley of Memory with a monument dedicated to Soviet soldiers who participated in the Civil and Great Patriotic War, there are about a hundred granite steles with the names of honorary citizens near the central entrance to the recreation area. In the 20s of the XX century, Anapa decided to create an Alley of Memory, because soldiers who died heroically for their Homeland were buried here. On the territory of the Memory Alley, order is maintained, shrubs and trees growing along the paths are taken care of. State events, such as parades, are regularly held on the Memory Alley.

Rose Alley Park

Where it is located: at the intersection of Krestyanskaya and Severnaya Streets

On the Avenue of Roses with a wonderful fountain of stones and artificial boulders, the water from which descends into the pool, it is good to relax, especially for couples in love, newlyweds and romantically minded tourists. Not only roses, but also other flowers grow in flower beds and along paths between bridges, which are interesting objects for photo shoots of vacationers.


Where it is located: on the territory of the Children's Park.

On an area of about a hectare there is a Dinopark "Rex", which is one of the best entertainment parks for children in Anapa. The park has models of herbivorous and predatory representatives of the Jurassic period with a height of 7 to 33 meters. Such a sight is amazing! Visually you will be able to show children can see dinosaurs of real dimensions, making sounds and moving, attracting the attention of visitors by movement and growling.

Square named after him. Gudovich

Where is: Protapova Street.

In the center of Anapa, not far from the Museum of Local lore, there is a Park named after Gudovich, where vacationers admire nature and breathe fresh air in installed gazebos, walk to the city Embankment, play sports on specially designated sports grounds. Fans of an active lifestyle play mini-football, basketball, ride skateboards. Chess matches are often held in the cozy park complex. In one part of the park called Baba Yaga's Glade, wooden sculptures from fairy tales are installed, both adults and children like to be photographed here. Mighty tree crowns save visitors from the scorching sun rays.

Theater Square

Where is: at the intersection of Gorkovskaya and Astrakhan streets.

Parks, museums and other attractions of Anapa are located around this square in the city center. Tourists on the Theater Square feed pigeons. Bright processions, various contests, solemn festivals - events replace each other.

Resort Park

Where is: Upper Embankment

At the beginning of Revolution Avenue, just behind the Pump Room, there is a small cozy park for quiet walks. It's quiet here, there are no attractions, you can breathe the sea air. Before the revolution, it was the most popular City Park, where orchestras played and the famous Kurzal was located. Interesting sights of the park are Soviet monuments, one of which in the form of three parallel vertical bars symbolizing the unity of the peasants was installed in 1918. The second Monument "All Power to the Soviets" appeared in 1967 in the year of the 50th anniversary of the victory of the revolution.

Walnut grove

Where is: Tamanskaya street.

Conifers and other species were planted on a natural corner with walnut trees, and a huge rose garden with constantly blooming roses of different shades was decorated. Paths, benches, fountains and playgrounds were equipped. The fragrant aroma attracts many visitors who spend time not only in beauty, but in cleanliness and comfort. The most convenient way to get to the Walnut grove is through the streets of Tamanskaya, V.Mayakovsky and I.Golubets. In addition to visiting the squares and parks of Anapa, tourists go on excursions to nearby villages. For example, in Sukko there is a wonderful Eco-park "Sukko Valley", and in the village of Bolshoy Utrish you can visit the natural museum "Center for the Study of the Black Sea".

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