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Unlike most resorts in the Krasnodar Territory, the most popular Black Sea resort in Russia - Anapa is located in the middle of the steppe, where there are no Caucasus Mountains, as in Sochi, Gelendzhik or Tuapse.

Anapa is famous for its magnificent sandy beaches. The length of the coastline is almost 46 kilometers. Shallow water, convenient and safe entry into the sea allows parents not to worry about safety while bathing children. Landscapes, pine trees, pistachio fields.

In addition to the beauty of nature and a comfortable stay in the resort town, there are a variety of interesting places and a lot of the best entertainment for a carefree life. If tourists get tired of the monotony of a beach holiday, then it is worth diversifying your stay at the resort and spending time in comfort, peace and quiet, visiting many places where you can relax from the hot sun. In this case, in Anapa, thanks to the developed infrastructure, there are parks and squares, several Orthodox churches, a cozy museum of local lore, cultural and entertainment centers.

The main sights of Anapa:

  1. "800 steps"
  2. Bugaz spit
  3. Sculpture "Scarlet sails"
  4. Alley of Stars
  5. Fortress moat
  6. Fotini Arch
  7. Russian Gate
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Arc de Triomphe
  10. Ruins of the Geroon crypt and necropolis
  11. The Soaring Eagle Stele
  12. Sculpture "Dove of Peace"
  13. Ruins of a naval base
  14. Sculpture "White Hat"
  15. Exhibition "Bells"
  16. Archaeological Ancient Museum "Gorgippia"
  17. Cypress Lake in Sukko
  18. Bald Mountain
  19. Valley of Lotuses
  20. Savina slit

"800 steps"

Not far from the city there is a famous landmark "800 steps" carved into the rock, from the top of which there are picturesque panoramic views. This is a staircase by which you can descend from a steep slope and get to the beach. There are benches on the observation deck, a convenient and beautiful place to take unusual and memorable photos for memory.

In more detail.

Bugaz spit

A natural attraction, thanks to which Anapa has the longest sandy beaches in Russia. Bugaz spit is similar to the spit in the Crimea, located near the resorts of Saki and Donuzlav. Despite the remoteness from the resort, the spit attracts tourists. It looks very organic, not as a creation of nature, but as a work specially created by man. To get to the spit, it will take an hour trip, the path passes by Vityazevo, Vityazevsky estuary, the village of Blagoveshchenskaya. There are no buildings here, no hotels, no houses.

The spit is completely covered with sand, in summer this place is in demand among lovers of wild recreation, who come by trailers and live in small tent cities. Bugaz spit is a pleasant sound of surf, sea air and warm wind. Travelers come just to watch the endless expanse of the sea, the sandy shore with small shells, slowly washed by the waves.

In more detail.

Sculpture "Scarlet sails"

The art object is located on the Embankment Street next to the Gorgippia Museum and the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory. This is a small model of a ship made of wood with a rotating wooden steering wheel, with red fabric sails and real ropes. This is a favorite place for children because you can climb into the ship.

Alley of Stars

On Pionerskiy Prospekt between Vityazevo and Anapa there is an alley of stars with slabs in which metal stars with the names of Nikita Mikhalkov, Oleg Gazmanov, Timati and other famous people are immured. The attraction was made because of the annual Kinoshok Film Festival. The alley is effectively opened by a sculpture depicting a Golden Vine on a beautiful pedestal - the main prize of the festival.

Fortress moat

There is a Fortress moat on the territory of the 30th Anniversary of Victory Park, so this part of the landscape park has an unusual shape. Perhaps the moat was filled with water earlier. Now trees grow inside the moat, but the outlines of the fortification have been preserved. Anapa in the past was a major stronghold of the Russian Empire on the Black Sea.

Fotini Arch

There is a memorial arch at the address: 80 Embankment Street. The snow-white Fotini Arch, decorated with sculptures of winged horses and columns, was erected at the end of the embankment at private expense and became an architectural landmark of the city.

Russian Gate

On Pushkin Street there is the only monument of Ottoman architecture - a unique gate, preserved from the fortress wall with bastions three kilometers long, around which there was a moat. Russian Russian gates were called after the liberation of the city from the Ottomans by Russian troops during the Russo-Turkish war. Now guns are placed on pedestals inside the gate and a stele is installed.


The lighthouse with a height of 21 meters was built on the mound in 1909. A beautiful white lighthouse with three black stripes is still in operation today. Anapa Bay is shallow and you can't do without a lighthouse. It is impossible to climb up because the current lighthouse is automatic. However, attractive selfies are obtained against its background. In seaside towns lighthouses are familiar, and quite attractive buildings that give a special marine atmosphere.

Arc de Triomphe

It is impossible not to notice on the Theater Square a majestic eight-meter monument made of white stone, which was built relatively recently - in 2020. The arch is dedicated to the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman army. The facade of the Arc de Triomphe is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting sea and land battles, as well as busts of such Russian admirals as: Pustoshkin, Serebryakov, Greig and Ushakov.

Ruins of the Geroon crypt and necropolis

Geroon is located near the beach "High Coast", so thousands of tourists can enjoy this unique attraction of Anapa, which serves as proof that once upon a time there was a settlement on the territory of the resort that belonged to the Bosporan Kingdom. Geroon is a sacred place where heroes were buried. When archaeologists discovered the burial in Anapa, it had already been looted. The vault of the necropolis was painted blue, ornaments were painted on the walls.

Soaring Eagle Stele

In the village of Supseh near Anapa, just where the Caucasus Mountains begin, a high stone pedestal topped with an eagle resembling a sheer cliff was installed.

Sculpture "Dove of Peace"

The Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Anapa is named in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Victory - it is a favorite place for photo shoots and walks with children. There is a composite sculpture here – a moss-covered frame made of reinforcement in the form of a hand holding a pigeon. Ruins of a naval base

Near the sea pier, not far from the Golden Bay beach, there is a ruined building in which generals and admirals led the army and navy of the Russian Empire during the Turkish War. Perhaps it will be possible to restore the preserved foundations of the historical monument so that a new museum will appear.

Sculpture "White Hat"

In the park of the 30th anniversary of Victory, among flower beds, juniper thickets and large relict trees of various varieties, there are fascinating carousels and other attractions, for example, a Ferris wheel. There is a landmark here, established during the Soviet era. Architect Vasily Polyakov created a sculpture, which is considered a symbol of Anapa, thanks to a song about the main headdress of a holiday-maker.

Exhibition "Bells"

A small collection of bells of different sizes is located in the village of Supseh on Poklonnaya Gora, next to the Poklonny Cross. There are original exhibits here, there are even a couple of bells made from artillery shells. In the museum-shop located nearby, you can buy a huge number of souvenir bells.

Archaeological Ancient Museum "Gorgippia"

The museum-reserve "Gorippia" contains numerous artifacts discovered by archaeologists, which are more than 2 thousand years old. Excavations do not stop, so you can see not only fragments of interesting amphorae that are still found on the Black Sea coast, but also historical jewelry, weapons, cups, rare coins of Ancient Greece. The collection is regularly updated with household items and tools of the XVIII century. In the residential quarters of the policy there were sidewalks for pedestrians, a system of drains and water supply.

Cypress Lake in Sukko

The village of Sukko is an hour's drive and almost two dozen kilometers from Anapa. Public transport runs between localities. All travelers dream of visiting this insanely photogenic natural attraction. Magnificent cypress trees, typical of North America, grow here with unusual cone-shaped trunks that create magical sensations against the background of blue water. Cypress Lake is a unique place where it is beautiful at any time of the year.

Bald Mountain

It is worth visiting in the southern environs of Anapa an observation deck at an altitude of 312 meters with the romantic name "swallow's nest", which is reached by hiking trails. Tourists will be able to come here by jeeps. From the highest point of Anapa, there is a stunning view of the resort and the sea. Sections of particularly strong rock, the so-called swallow nests, stick out from the steep slope of the mountain, along which extreme sports enthusiasts climb up every year. Instructors will help you choose routes for novice climbers.

Lotus Valley

In Taman, in the Akhtaniz estuary, about 67 kilometers from Anapa, there is a valley where the lotus blossom season begins from July to August. People go to the fabulous valley to admire the amazing lotuses. The trip will take a whole day because it is difficult to get here on your own, you can rent a boat near the pier. As part of the tour, tourists can go to the valley by boat.

savina slit

Savina gap is located near the village of Utrisha. The route is laid along the Navagir ridge at an altitude of 270 meters on the territory of the reserve, which is named "Big Utrish". Here is a unique juniper-pistachio forest, which you can enjoy all year round. Beautiful nature and mountain locations are suitable for photo shoots.

Where to go in Anapa:

  1. Walnut grove
  2. Alean Ecopark
  3. Embankment
  4. Butterfly Museum
  5. "Singing fountains"
  6. Lion's Head Castle
  7. Dolphinarium "Nemo"
  8. Aquarium "Bathyscaphe"
  9. Golden Beach Water Park
  10. Oceanarium "Reef"
  11. DoDo Zoo

Walnut grove

Anapa has two banks, the first is located in the north, the second in the southwest of the city. Walnut Grove is a typical park located at 79 Tamanskaya Street near the High Bank and Mayakovsky Street away from the main tourist routes. A visit to this park will appeal to connoisseurs of a quiet and secluded holiday. The flow of vacationers is constantly observed in the area of the singing fountain and playground. On holidays, concerts are held with the participation of local musical groups. There is a walking space, a pedestrian zone, sidewalks, paths, young Christmas trees, lawns. The visiting card of the park is the largest flower beds of rose bushes. The local trees give visitors their delicious and healthy walnuts. At night, the expanses of the park are illuminated with lights, but there are no restaurants, cafes, bars and other similar establishments in the park.

Alean Ecopark

In the private eco-park "Alean" there are bulk paths made of decorative crumbs. On the territory there are small lawns and flower beds, beautiful flowers and groups of decorative green tropical plants planted along them. For family holidays - wooden benches, sculptural compositions of stones and fittings in the form of a turtle, a bird. A small island rises on the terrain, completely covered with cones, where fir trees are planted. There are a lot of different thematic entertainments, for example, the games "Ecoshashki" and "Ecological tic-tac-toe". The well-groomed park "Alean" is open to everyone.


The embankment, lined with granite tiles and fenced with a cast—iron balustrade, is the most popular tourist destination with numerous lanterns resembling rostral columns and flower beds for lovers of romantic walks. The promenade stretches for 7 km, palm trees are planted here, tourists have the opportunity to walk and meet figures made of moss in the form of "Octopus", "Elephant", "Dolphin", "Whale fish".

Butterfly Museum

On Gorky Street in house 1 there is a butterfly museum, the exposition of which consists not only of tropical butterfly species, but also of other insects from different countries. There is a photo area for guests here. There is a nursery on the territory of the museum, where experienced guides tell how butterflies pupate.

"Singing fountains"

In the warm season, every evening on the city square of the Soviets begins a colorful water spectacle with multicolored illumination of bright lasers. The fountain show is always performed to the sounds of classical music for the pleasure and pleasant impressions of viewers of any age.

Lion's Head Castle

You should come to the Lion's Head Castle on your own or as part of an excursion, where jousting tournaments, various events and holidays for the family are held in the village of Sukko from the beginning of May to September, including interesting performances by jugglers and acrobats' tricks. Here tourists are photographed riding a horse, in fitted armor with a sword or spear. There is a stable on the territory, as well as a museum where medieval mechanisms and devices for torture are collected.

Dolphinarium "Nemo"

At the address: Pionersky Prospekt, house 20A is the dolphinarium "Nemo", which occupies a small room where vacationers come with children to watch performances. Seals, walruses, bottlenose dolphins, belugas and dolphins are amazing artists performing exciting stunts that will give unforgettable impressions to both children and adults. After the performance, everyone can attend a dolphin therapy session to swim in the pool with animals and take amazing photos.

Aquarium "Bathyscaphe"

You should visit a mysterious place in Anapa on Potapova Street, 1/1 to see various exotic fish and inhabitants of the underwater world. The peculiarity of the "Bathyscaphe" is that visitors enter a special tunnel through the main entrance. Here you can imagine that you are walking almost on the seabed. The volume of all aquariums is 24 thousand liters. Different inhabitants of the seas and oceans are represented in each hall.

Golden Beach Water Park

On Grebenskaya Street, in house 2a. there is a "Golden Beach" - a modern open-air entertainment complex. It offers not only small, but also older children, as well as their parents: 7 pools and 20 slides with different levels of height, slope and steepness of turns. There is not only a giant Kamikaze slide, so long that it stretches almost along the entire water park, but also children's inflatable rides.

Oceanarium "Reef"

At the address Revolution Avenue, house 3, there is an oceanarium "Reef", occupying the first floor of the residential complex "Golden Bay". Sharks, moray eels, octopuses, tropical fish and other exotic living organisms live here among coral reefs, as in natural life.

DoDo Zoo

On the border of the two Black Sea resorts of Anapa and Novorossiysk in the Natukhaevskaya village there is a zoo "DoDo" — a unique corner of wildlife with pelicans, kangaroos, snakes, monkeys, other animals and birds. This animal park attracts tourists from all over the Black Sea coast with its primeval nature and peaceful tranquility. There are lions here, a lot of monkeys.

Thus, Anapa lives not only at the expense of tourism, it is a small pleasant resort town with a rich history and with its own special atmosphere.
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