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Anapa Water Parks

The main goal for tourists coming to the sea is a beach holiday, although if you add more water attractions, then the vacation will be remembered for a long time. The range of modern resort entertainment necessarily includes many different water parks with popular water attractions. The resort areas of Krasnodar Krai – Sochi and Tuapse, Gelendzhik and Anapa have water parks.


Features of water parks

Anapa water parks of open type with extreme attractions, children's areas in the pools work exclusively in summer, on the territory of which there are small shops, canteens and cafes, entertainment shows are held.

In Anapa and the neighboring villages of Dzhemete and Vityazevo there are three large comfortable water parks and a water entertainment center "Octopus" of a closed type. Children and adults, visiting Anapa water parks, ride indoor and outdoor slides, funnels, swim in pools with children's areas.

In the center of Anapa there is a water park "Golden Beach", in Dzhemet - "Tiki-Tak", and in Vityazevo - "Olympia". Those who wish to spend the whole day in Anapa water parks. Admission is free for kids under the age of 3 years, if their height is not higher than 105 centimeters. Children no taller than 140 cm enter the water park with children's tickets, the rest are adults.

The rules of behavior in all Anapa water parks are almost the same. It is better not to leave the water park until the end of the visit, so as not to pay for admission again. It is allowed to bring drink to the Anapa water Park, but food is not allowed. The use of showers, changing rooms and toilets is a free service, you will have to pay for luggage storage. You can pay for the services of Anapa water parks only in cash, except for "Tiki-Tak". There are parking lots near all water parks in Anapa.

Golden Beach Water Park

Since 2001, the Golden Beach water park has been operating, located in Anapa on Grebenskaya Street, house 2A. It is easy to find it due to its central position in the city of Anapa, almost on the seashore. The water amusement Park is located near the Central Beach of Anapa, the embankment and the Central Park named after the 30th Victory. Nearby Anapa attractions, family hotels.

On the large territory of the water park there are more than twenty attractions in the form of extreme descents for visitors of any age, swimming pools, a children's area, and parents nearby can sunbathe on comfortable sun loungers.

On the attraction of the water park with a height of about 12 m. there are always a lot of people who want to ride out of two open yellow descents with many turns and twisted together with the names "Boa Constrictor" and "Yellow River" with a length of 80 and 110 meters, respectively. These descents intertwine around the attraction "Kamikaze" from a 13-meter height, visitors fly in a state of free fall almost vertically down, overcoming the 40-meter track in a matter of seconds.

With "Kamikaze-extreme" you can descend along three lanes, some of which are zigzag-shaped. This attraction of the Anapa water park is especially liked by youth companies, it is always a fun pleasure to descend from the slides. A joint descent on an inflatable pillow for 2-3 people is possible on a "Family rafting", a twisted track with steep turns is similar to rafting on a mountain river. Visitors of the water park like to go down the closed pipes "Spiral", "Loop" and "Knot", as well as in the closed zigzag descent of the attraction "Twister", designed for adults and children of a certain age and height.

There are six attractions for thrill-seekers in this Anapa water park. For example, the three-lane 110-meter slide "Mountain Stream", whose height is 12 m. At first, the slide is calm, the speed gradually increases, and at the end you even have to hold your breath. The attraction "Black Pipe" of the Golden Beach water park is a rapid descent from a height of 12 meters in the dark space of a closed pipe with sharp turns, so the bright emotions of visitors are off the scale.

"Aladdin's Lamp" is a popular attraction of the water park for most vacationers in the form of a large funnel, along which visitors quickly descend and get into the pool. A "Wave pool" with increasing depth, different types of currents and waves with a height of almost 1 meter is suitable for a family. Parents are resting on sun loungers with umbrellas, while children in the children's complex "Treasure Island" have fun on eight descents: "Niagara", "Pelican", "Mask", "Cockatoo", climb rope ladders and mazes, play with water guns and fountains. The attraction in the form of a barrel of water, which splashes out on the heads every 10 minutes, delivers unforgettable emotions to children. From the three-lane slide "Baby Foam" children fall into the water. For kids' games there is a special pool with mushroom-shaped fountains and a slide "Dragon".

Tiki-Tak Water Park

In the modern water park "Tiki-Tak", located in Anapa in the village of Nizhny Dzhemete, on Pionerskiy Prospekt, house 38, there are all conditions for every guest, as well as lovers of extreme sports and recreation with water entertainment.

Families with young children come to the interesting family attractions of the Tiki-Tak water park to have a pleasant and fun time in the "Wave Pool" with six wave modes, in which the depth increases. Children over 110 cm tall can descend on four-person rafts of the Family Rafting attraction. And companies on one and two-seat circles, visiting the attractions: "Tobogan D" with an open descent and "Tobogan E" with a closed descent.

"Tobogan F" is a closed pipe with an open gutter. Large swimming pool "Jacuzzi" with geysers to get a relaxing hydro massage. For family swims - swimming pool "Lake" with a depth of 1.35 meters and "Lazy River" - a closed system with artificial current. For children in the water park there is a zone equipped with children's attractions. Extreme rides children can visit if they are taller than 140 cm.

"Kamikaze" is a straight and closed pipe, a person reaches the feeling of free fall due to high speed. The indescribable sensations are experienced by the company of guests on the Boomerang attraction during a joint descent from a height of 15 m. along an open chute, then rapidly rising, then sharply falling down, which takes your breath away. Guests hold competitions descending in parallel, from a 10-meter height along two closed intertwined pipes of the Twister attraction, with steep turns.

On the extreme attraction of the Superball water park, guests move along an open chute and fall into a huge bowl, and inside the bowl they are carried out by inertia into the pool. On the territory of the water park there is a 4-meter "Jumping" pool with trampolines. Fans of extreme entertainment visit the six tracks of the swift and very emotional descent "Niagara". Children in the water park will not be bored either.

In the children's area with the complex of the water park "Rainy Season" on the territory of the shallow pool there are slides, ladders, water cannons and an overturning barrel of water, waterfalls and labyrinths. Various pools are "Shallow", with a depth of only 25 cm. "Children's" with fungi and a depth of 45 to 90 cm. Children 110 cm tall attend the "Multifom", a 90 cm deep pool and three descents. In the water park, guests have fun on the dance floor, participate in entertainment events, master classes and foam discos, contests. There is a stage for theatrical performances.

Olympia Water Park

The Olympia Water Park, located in Anapa in the village of Vityazevo, on Golden Sands Street, house 4, was built in 2012. The interior, decorations and decoration of the water park are dedicated to the theme of Ancient Greece. "Olympia" consists of two launching complexes with names in honor of the Greek gods - "Zeus" and "Hades".

In addition to adults, "Zeus" can be visited by children older than 10 years, and "Hades" from the age of 14. In the complex "Zeus" there are four descents with a height of more than 12.5 meters, each of which differs in shape, color and length. On the yellow-blue slide "Adventures of Odyssey", a person moves at high speed through a closed pipe and flies out into a large container in the form of an open funnel, rotates several times and feeds into the water. the slide "Labyrinth of the Minotaur" consists of a yellow-blue-red trough with closed and open parts, for 150 m. sharp turns and unexpected whirlpools.

In the complex "Zeus" there are four slides of different colors: "Medusa Gorgon" - a red closed pipe with many turns meanders for 109 m., the journey ends in the pool. "Flame of Prometheus" - yellow closed descent with bends 100 m long.

In the main pool of the Anapa water park, named "Poseidon", there are several zones separated from each other, there are geysers and water cannons, fungal fountains and a Jacuzzi. Around the guests sunbathe on sun loungers with umbrellas. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere, visitors get the impression of relaxing in a Mediterranean resort. Inside the swimming pool "Olympia" of the "Hades" complex, there are 4 descents with a height of 23 m. for adults and children over 14 years old.

At the attraction "Descent to Tartarus", guests descend through two open pipes of 113-meter length, which at first are almost vertical. The summary fall ends in the pool. The "River Styx" consists of two parallel closed pipes of red and black color, which intertwine in the middle of the path. The journey through the 80-meter dark tunnel ends with a swimming pool. Instructors and rescuers work in the complex, who monitor the order and safety of guests. Children up to 14 years old are allowed to the water park accompanied by adults.

Children's town "Elysium"

The town of "Elysium" is also a popular Anapa water park with water activities for primary school children. The descents are different in complexity with the names "Vortex", "Snake", "Cave", etc. "Snake" is the most winding and longest descent - 60 "Vortex" in the form of a closed funnel. For parents with children, animators hold entertainment events such as show programs, foam parties. A town with bridges, ladders, rope descents, horizontal bars, a barrel shifter, water cannons in the middle of a shallow and safe pool.

Children's entertainment water center "Octopus"

Children's entertainment water center "Octopus" is located in Anapa on Kalinina Street, house 30. This place belongs to the sanatorium "Nadezhda", so guests visit it for free in the first half of the day. For third-party visitors with children, this center allocates opening hours after 14-00. One adult accompanying a child enters the park for free. No more than 30 children come in at the same time every hour. Indoor swimming pool "Octopus" with safe slides works in any weather. Parents can watch children frolic, take photos for memory.

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