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800 steps to the sea

Stairway to Paradise

There are always crowds of people on the sandy beaches of the famous resort town of Anapa, so often the sea is stirred up with algae. However, even at a popular resort, you can find a deserted rocky beach with clear water. This beach is called "800 steps".

To the sea by stairs

9 km from Anapa is the village of Supseh, which has a Bald mountain with a height of 312 meters. It is in this area that the Caucasus Mountains with snow caps begin. There is very little vegetation on Bald Mountain, sometimes there is thyme listed in the Red Book. In fact, tourists come here to see the boundless expanse and turquoise-azure sea surface that open from the top of the mountain. Screaming seagulls fly in the mountains, hang gliders soar in the air, thanks to such beauty, the soul sings, and the feeling that it was not born in vain does not leave vacationers.

It is convenient to go down the stairs made of concrete and metal from the almost vertical Bald Mountain to the sea. In 2020, the staircase was repaired by volunteers, since there are many tourists here every year at the height of the season.

A reliable staircase with strong handrails begins with high concrete steps, metal steps go closer to the sea. The descent takes about 10 minutes, along the way there are benches on two viewing platforms that are stylized as the hull of the ship, there are graffiti by local artists who enliven the landscape with their colors.

On a hot day, you definitely need to grab a hat and water because there is nowhere to hide in the shade. The way back is a difficult climb up, especially difficult for tourists who have children with them.

Paradise place

The purpose of the trip up the steps is the beach. The beach is mostly with large pebbles, but in some places there are also large boulders. The coast is not wide, but it is long enough, so you can go further away to find a secluded secluded place.

The main feature of this fabulous place is the cool clear water of a beautiful azure–turquoise color, the temperature of which is lower than on the city beach of Anapa. In the affectionate embrace of the sea, you can swim a lot without intersecting with other tourists.

The only problem of a completely wild beach is an inconvenient entry into a wonderful and clear sea. Visitors have to walk on sharp and slippery rocks. A resort holiday here is absolutely without amenities because the beach is not equipped with any changing rooms, toilets, or shopping tents. Therefore, you need to bring everything you need with you. The cleanliness around is maintained by rare volunteers. This is a heavenly place, especially after a long descent in the heat, but it's definitely not worth coming here with children.

Alternative entertainment

This long beach, in addition to the stairs to the "800 steps", has another descent, which is slightly to the left. This is a staircase of 400 steps, which starts next to the "Paradise" car camp for owners of their own cars, where there are gazebos and a barbecue.

The height of the terrain is the same, so the number of steps is compensated by the angle of inclination. Therefore, the staircase of 400 steps is steeper and steeper, besides it is made of wood with wobbly handrails. The seashore here is just as beautiful, but there are fewer people. On Bald Mountain there are several more paths trodden by desperate climbers. Often, the Ministry of Emergency Situations saves extreme sports fans here.

Advantages of paradise beach:
  • It is difficult to find such a unique and breathtakingly beautiful view not only in Anapa, but also in the Krasnodar Territory.
  • There are few vacationers on the beach, so it's easy to find a secluded corner here.
  • Swimming in clear, azure and cool water is one continuous pleasure.
Disadvantages of paradise beach:
  • It is physically difficult for some people to descend, and even more so to climb because of the heat and the height difference.
  • Since the beach is unequipped, you need to bring everything you need and take it with you.
  • There are no lifeguards and toilets.
  • The entrance to the sea on slippery and sharp rocks is quite difficult and even dangerous.

How to get there?

Trips by car to the beach "800 steps" are most convenient. Using the navigator, you need to get to a small area where you can park. To the beach "800 steps" the further way down is only on foot.

Take minibus No. 126 to the Cemetery stop, from there - up to Bald Mountain to the observation deck "Swallow's Nest". A visual landmark on the horizon is the huge white balls of the protective domes of the radar radar station. On the way to the stairs, there is a fence on the left, and a cliff on the right. Sometimes they sell water and other drinks at the top of the stairs, but it's better to take everything with you.

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