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20 Attractions and Entertainment Options in Vityazevo

Vityazevo is a village with sandy and clean beaches, which is located 10 kilometers from the resort town of Anapa. In addition to a huge amount of entertainment, there is beautiful nature, ancient sights and architectural structures.


  1. Church of St. George the Victorious
  2. Paralia Boulevard
  3. Healing mud
  4. Diving club "Chernomor"
  5. Cargo ship "Odessa City Council"
  6. Pump room "Pearl"
  7. Old wine farmstead
  8. Olympia Water Park
  9. Nemo Water Complex
  10. Funtime Amusement Park
  11. Sanatorium and wellness complex "Pearl of Russia"
  12. "Byzantium"
  13. Open Air "Heat"
  14. Golden Beaches
  15. Sand dunes
  16. Parasailing
  17. Bugaz spit
  18. Lotus Valley
  19. Abrau-Durso
  20. Orthodox complex "Holy Pen"
  21. Sights of Vityazevo on the map

Church of St. George the Victorious

The Orthodox Church in Vityazevo was built on the site of a chapel demolished in 1935, which was founded in 1827. Then the Pontic Greeks actively migrated to the south of Russia. The new Church of St. George the Victorious was built with funds raised by the whole world.

The first service took place in 1994 .. A bell tower is attached to the snow-white temple. On the facade there is a mosaic image of St. George killing a snake. Orthodox people come to worship. A monument in the form of a destroyed facade of a house divided by an Orthodox cross into two parts, one with a memorial plaque, the other with a burning candle in the window, was erected near the temple in memory of the victims of Stalin's repressions.

Paralia Boulevard

Not only locals, but also guests of the village walk along the Black Sea Vityazevo Street. Buildings with elements of Greek architecture and ancient sculptures have been preserved. Even the balconies of hotels are held by mighty Atlanteans. Tourists reach the main attraction – the 1 km long Paralia Boulevard, which is located along the sea, where statues of ancient Greek gods and ancient heroes are installed. You can enter the pedestrian zone through the monumental colonnade.

Healing mud

The village of Vityazevo is washed by the Black Sea, and on the other by the waters of the estuary, which was previously part of the sea, and now a sand spit separates it, depriving it of water inflow. Thanks to the therapeutic mud, the village is famous. Every year thousands of tourists come to Vityazevo to take baths, which are useful for the musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Immersion in therapeutic mud is allowed for fifteen minutes. Vacationers walk to the Vityazevsky estuary, the path runs parallel to the Black Sea Street. When going to the pond, you should wear aquashouses, because the bottom is muddy, and the strip of the shore with small shells.

Chernomor Diving Club

In 2007, a club was opened in Vityazevo, which in 2014 became a dive resort. Professional divers teach diving, provide equipment, instruct and go down with tourists under the water and tell beginners how to behave underwater, before surfacing. Instructors of the diving club conduct excursions to sunken objects among underwater beauties with video shooting. Everyone over the age of nine can take part.

Cargo ship "Odessa City Council"

During the excursion tour, when diving with the instructors of the diving club, tourists view the vessel covered with algae, it is possible to see the tiled floor, the ship's premises, the remaining mechanisms. During the Great Patriotic War, the cargo ship "Odessa City Council" delivered food to the starving citizens of Anapa. In one of the flights, the cargo ship was hit by an enemy torpedo. When they found the flooded cargo ship, they found the inscription "City Council" and the port of registry – Odessa on board.

Pump room "Pearl"

People come to the village, which is considered a balneological resort, to improve their health with water from a natural spring. Therapeutic table water "Anapa" in the composition with magnesium, calcium, sodium helps from gastrointestinal diseases. It is necessary to undergo an examination. You can drink water after a doctor's appointment, the course usually lasts from two to four weeks.

Old wine farmstead

Since 2017, the private winery Vityazevo has been producing and storing wines in the cellars of an old winery built in 1857, where the famous Greek wine is produced. Modern owners keep the spirit of the Hellenic past. The interior is decorated in classic white and blue colors, there are Greek sculptures. The products have awards, cups and diplomas. Excursions are conducted for groups of three to six people.

Olympia Water Park

The entrance of the Olympia water and entertainment center in Vityazevo is made in the form of a portico with a statue of Zeus sitting on a throne, and the figures of Hercules and Discobolus rise on the sides.

Getting into the open gallery, visitors see a fountain. Here you can visit "Hades", make a descent to "Tartarus", conquer the river "Styx". For family holidays - pools "Zeus" and "Poseidon". There is a cafe with recreation areas on site.

Nemo Water Complex

Next to Paralia Boulevard in Vityazevo is the dolphinarium "Nemo", opened in 2013. Employees work with visitors in several directions. Viewers at performances with marine animals get acquainted with local dolphins, seals, and a sea lion. After the performance, those who wish to swim with them and take pictures. Staff can arrange dolphin therapy for children and diving courses. A new direction is the opening of an oceanarium for exploring the environment of marine life.

Funtime Amusement Park

A popular holiday destination in Vityazevo. There is an attraction "Catapult" in the form of a capsule, which quickly flies up and descends from a height of 70 meters. There is a race track on the territory. Attractions "Spin Out" and "Free fall Tower" for fans of extreme sports.The park staff has developed interactive and entertainment programs. The atmosphere of the drive is supported by incendiary dance music that sounds throughout the day. The park is open during the holiday period.

Sanatorium and wellness complex "Pearl of Russia"

Next to the famous gallery "Pearl" there is a children's health complex "Pearl of Russia", the construction of which began in 1966. In the period from 1975 to 1977, on the territory of the health resort, the first guests settled in the first buildings, played sports in the built complex and strolled through the arboretum. In order for children not to miss school and could come here for a whole year, in 1986 a library and school building for 1000 students were built in the health resort.

During the period of perestroika, many specialists left the complex, which began to work seasonally. In 2003, an Alley of Fame was laid out in the health resort, mineral springs were earned, a museum of the history of the children's camp was opened, a Bowling Club was built. With the blessing of the ROC, the chapel of Seraphim of Sarov was erected.

Address: Anapa, Pionersky Prospekt, house 253.

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Amusement Park "Byzantium"

In the center of Vityazevo, to the right of the boulevard "Paralia" there is a cozy park with a 35-meter Ferris wheel, from the height of which the whole village is visible. There is a race track for novice drivers in the park. The pride of the park is a large attraction that immerses visitors in the history, mythology and culture of Ancient Greece – the "Labyrinth of the Minotaur" is the only one in Russia. There are souvenir shops, restaurants, shops, a play area: slides, carousels, trampolines, as well as children's rooms where young children are supervised by educators.

Open Air "Heat"

Open Air "Heat" - an outdoor disco on the Black Sea coast is organized in a closed area in Vityazevo. Every season, since 2007, numerous fans of dance rhythms, dynamic drive and night music gather.

Famous DJs and artists perform on stage, show programs and themed concerts are arranged. Visitors relax on the dance floor, in the bar with a variety of snacks and a selection of drinks, as well as in the pool.

Golden beaches

The famous beaches are a natural attraction of Vityazevo. There is a beach shore of hotels and a camp "Ogonek" for sports games, where teenagers like to relax. The developed infrastructure of "Vita", "Dune" and "Central" allows you to relax with friends in comfortable conditions. Experienced teachers work with children on paid beaches. There are few vacationers on the "wild" beach. Lovers of a relaxing holiday come here.

Sand dunes

A natural attraction that any tourist who has bathed in the sea has encountered. Towering dunes, increasing due to the sand washed by the sea during the winter.

The sand dunes in Vityazevo are much higher than the surroundings of the coast. Since the beginning of the tourist season, they are cleared, but the transition can be extremely difficult. There is a special track and a car rental point for quad bike racing on the dunes.


On the beaches of Vityazevo, parasailing is offered - a boat ride with a special platform for flying at an altitude of 180 meters with the help of a parachute. During the flight, you can organize an unforgettable photo shoot.

Bugaz spit

A popular excursion and just a great place in Vityazevo with the cleanest beaches - a twelve-kilometer Bugaz spit, which separates the Black Sea from the Bugaz estuary. The spit is part of a landscape reserve and is great for tourists in tents, kitesurfers and windsurfers, thanks to kitesurfing schools, as well as for family holidays. In August, a festival is held for both amateurs and professionals of kitesurfing. Famous bands and DJs give concerts on the stage of the festival.

Lotus Valley

An unusual excursion called "Lotus Valley" begins in July and ends at the end of September. The lotus blooms for about a week, but due to the breeding of various species, it is possible to observe the "Buddha Flower" for two months.

Akhtanizovsky estuary in Vityazevo is a unique natural area where lotuses are bred artificially. For the first time they tried to plant seeds about sixty years ago. But it was only in the 1980s that the first lotuses bloomed. The excursion program includes a trip along the lotus estuary by boat.


Tourists from Vityazevo go on an excursion with a visit to the famous champagne factory in Abrau-Durso. Tourists will learn the traditional secrets of 19th-century fermentation and wine aging, visit the cellars, taste the famous drink in four halls: Golitsyn, Tsarskoye, French, and guides tell the history of champagne, the peculiarities of growing Abrau-Durso vineyards. The duration of the tour is about five hours.

Orthodox complex "Holy Pen"

A trip to the Krasnodar Territory to the Orthodox complex "Holy Pen", so that believers and people interested in history could visit five holy springs: in the name of Nicholas the Wonderworker, John the Baptist, the Mother of God, the Apostles Peter and Paul, as well as the Martyr Barbara. The source of the Mother of God resembles a human hand in shape, and the water from five mountain springs symbolizes five fingers, so the complex is called the "Holy Pen". A chapel has been erected near the spring. You can plunge into the font for ablution for free.

Sights of Vityazevo on the map

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